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Keck_Komputers ("I work in a casino. Play with and build computers in my spare time.")
Krunchin-Keith [USA] ("Kaptain of team USA BOINCin since 10-Apr-2004 (2.28) ~~~ Alpha and Beta tester Visit...")
Kieron J. Barr ("Member of The UKBOINC team... Join us here Join the UK BOINC Team:...")
Kinguni ("From Winnipeg, Canada, I like running distributed computing projects in a team atmosphere.")
kc6ufm ("Computer Technology Chair at Advanced College of Technology (A Division of National...")
Kirsten ("I am a grandmother of two and a mother of three grown-up sons. I live in Copenhagen,...")
ksba ("Die Kantonsschule Baden ist eine auf eine breite Allgemeinbildung ausgerichtete Schule fuer...")
Kathy Applebaum ("I'm 40, married, own a small business and am also a professional fiber artist. In my...")
Kilted Scotsman ("My name is Don. I reside in Derry, New Hampshire. I am 66 years old. I am employed by...")
Kotulic Bunta ("I consider me to be a cluster of some 3 x 1013 cells with some additional (mental?) field,...")

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