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Jim Baize ("I am a 34 y/o male working for a county owned ambulance service. I have two kids. I...")
JackB ("Hello! I'm a 25yo italian programmer who loves science fiction.")
Joseph A. Haran, Jr. ("Since 1969 I have lived at Portland in Oregon, U.S.A., having previously resided at several...")
Jure Repinc (JLP) ("I'm Jure Repinc and I live in Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia, European Union. I am a physics...")
Juerschi ("I'm 30 years old living in Bamberg, Germany. Just finished my studies at precision...")
John Hunt (" Confirmed bachelor born and bred in Leicester, Paradise of the Midlands, UK. Hobbies...")
JaRski-S60R ("Aloha,<br> I'm Jarmo, live in Belgium but I'm Dutch :-) Born as a...")
jrzplace ("I live in Southern California, am in my 60s, Retired Federal Employee. Enjoy fooling aroud...")
Jess Adelman ("My name is Jess, I am from the prairies in Canada. I grew up and live in a small town. I am...")

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