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groucho ("PhD in Physics")
geo... (" Sunstone Tanzania Chocolate Spotted Ocicat =================== ...")
GHzGeek ("GHzGeek - I'm from the United States in the state of Pennsylvania. I'm in my mid thirties...")
Ghiret ("Hi I'm a physics freshman from Spain. I'll start my physics undergraduate courses next week...")
Guy Pauwels ("Like all BOINC.BE members, I suffer from a serious infliction called Boincitis. It is...")
gabberattack (johnny, eriq, segfault, r2k4, bully, sifon) ("Hello, my name is Jan, my friends call me Johnny or Janko and my web nickname is...")
grmbl ("Ich bin damals zu Zeiten von SETI@home Classic auf network computing aufmerksam geworden....")
Gary Roberts ("Astronomy/Cosmology addict, always willing to look at another Astronomy/Physics related...")
Geoffrey Voeth ("From: Arizona, USA Age: 52 as of 2005 Occupation: Psychologically Disabled Hobbies:...")
Grizz ("I live in Aurora Ontario where I started to crunch the numbers with the original SETI....")

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