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Doris and Jens ("We: Doris aka Hexe and Jens aka TheBigJens live in the North of Germany in the lovely...")
D.J. Schweitz ("Hello.........My name is David John Schweitz, but like to go by DJ or dꪪ. I got...")
David Duvall ("My name is David Duvall and I'm from the City of Columbia, State of Missouri, United States...")
Death ("I'ma from Ukraine, Kiev. I love Apple and my job. - largest and...")
dejvidek ("I am dejvidek from Czech Republic a i am member of team.")
david gunnells ("I'm married with a beautiful daughter and son: challenges, music, travel, people,...")
DMMc ("An overworked, underpaid NetAdmin from Indiana who has been "playing" with...")
DoctorNow ("Hi! I'm Dirk from the almost world-famous village Beuern near Giessen in...")
davidmcw ("I am married to Ellie, and have three great kids, Gordon 6, Liam 3 & Iona 2. I'm...")
Dingo ("I am an Aussie born in Canada over sixty years ago, lived in Australia most of my life,...")

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