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Posted 15 Nov 2014 by John M. Kendall
"w-" work: Your experience may vary, but on my Windows 7 64 bit system with Kaspersky security I had this bad experience.

1. I had 8 LHC "w-" tasks running in High Priority.
2 Two showed 100% complete, Two were 99+% complete, Two where 98% complete, One was 80+% complete and the other was 20+% complete.
3. Windows Resource Monitor showed memory about 50% active, 50% on Standby and Zero free.
4. Windows Resource Monitor CPU show very little to Zero CPU activity, with some processors "Parked".
5. Windows Resource Monitor Disk activity was about 10MB / second.
6. Boincmgr was sluggish to non responsive. Event Log sometimes worked and sometimes it was a blank page. When it worked it did not update.
7. Boincmgr suspend, abort, resume took more than a minute to work, though if you did not give up it would complete.
8. Boincmgr did show time to completion going down on only one or two tasks going down but did not show the completion percentage going up.
9. After Aborting the "w-" work, one none "w-" LHC task plus seven other project tasks started running. CPU on all processors went to 100%, Disk activity when up and Free Memory when back to normal.

Good luck with LHC "w-" work for the rest of you.

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