1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Error: "Runtime Error! ...request to terminate it in an unusual way..." (Message 23866)
Posted 28 Jan 2012 by Kirby
I am running Win7 SP1 with all the latest updates on a Core 2 Quad CPU @250 GHz, with 8GB of RAM, with BOINC installed on the 229 GB boot partition, with 20GB set aside for BOINC, and with 45GB of free space. I have BOINC Manager v6.10.18.

For roughly the last two months, when the program would start up I would occasionally get this error message. [I presume it only occurs when one particular project that I am linked to starts... and then immediately ends.] W7 kind-of ticks me off, because the Error message truncates the address, so there is no clear depiction of where the problem lies. I think it is here.

When that message occurred on the program starting (after 5 minutes of no user activity), this error [with it's message] also prevents the screensaver from starting. [Don't know if that helps, but figured I'd include it.]

I believe that it is this project that is at issue. That is because I have not seen it's screensaver since this problem began, and my "allprojectsstats.com" page shows "0.00%" for "Recent Average Credit" and I believe I saw on some page (lost it and can't find it again), that I have had no credit added for a couple months - about the same length of time this error message has come up.

In the log, the red line(s) I find for here are:

But the website shows that there are jobs available.

I have tried - per the main page here - to disconnect, and reconnect to this project, but even since doing so the same message returns.

I thought if there was a manual way to check for the correct - changed/new - address for LHC@home I could do so, but I cannot find such a thing.

Any ideas what might help? Thank you!

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