1) Message boards : Team invites : BOINC Energized looking for new memebers. (Message 19719)
Posted 12 Jun 2008 by Mr. Majestic
Welcome to our newest user Steve281!

Join team BOINC Energized.
BOINC Energized is an international BOINC-wide team that is dedicated to helping mankind's knowledge grow while have as much fun as possible. Unlike some other teams we do not discriminate based on your ethnicity, language, etc. Anyone in the world is welcome to join our team. Come by and visit our website
2) Message boards : Team invites : Team SETI@Ohio looking for members! (Message 18848)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Mr. Majestic
After being dormant for a while we have come back. Team SETI@Ohio is now a BOINC-wide team. we are dedicated to scanning as much data as possible for SETI and other BOINC projects. our goal is to have members participating in every current BOINC projects and all future BOINC projects. Anyone who is a resident of the United States is welcome to join. Please visti our website, which can be found here.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc farms. (Message 18842)
Posted 15 Jan 2008 by Mr. Majestic
I am currently only running two systems:
1)AMD Athlon 3800+ dual-core (may soon update to AMD Phenom 9500 quad-core) 1gig of ram (Planning to add a gig in a day or two)
2)Amd Sempron 3200+ 256mb of ram

I am thinking about building myself a new descktop computer and retiring the one that I currently use every day. My plans are to build one with an AMD Phenom 9600 quad-core and 4gigs of ram!
4) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Manned Mars mission in 2019 (Message 18818)
Posted 8 Jan 2008 by Mr. Majestic
If you think that 2031 is too far away, then sign the Manned Mars mission in 2019 Petition.

I definatley think that 2031 is too far away.

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