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Posted 4 May 2011 by Profile RedMenace

...The other four show nothing since 2008.

What can I look for to see if there are problems on those machines.

I am very enamored of the LHC and CERN, so I would like to do as much work for LHC@home as I can, If you can guide me as to what to look for, that would be great.

Welcome to the club. There hasn\'t been much work here ever, and we\'re all chompin\' at the bit to crunch some. As far as I know, there\'s no compatibility issues. If you can run other projects, you can run LHC.
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Posted 26 Feb 2010 by Profile RedMenace
I have one that's been running 8:23:52, a SixTrack 4207.00. It was 66.9 something percent on my E6750 running at 3ghz.

Checked my tasks and count 4. Two were very quick and one was 3,908.64, 17.96, pending.
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Posted 24 Feb 2009 by Profile RedMenace
Put your LHC resource share at 1000. When work is available, you may get some. The last couple of months have been great, but the last two weeks have been pretty baren.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : What's with the tiny work units? (Message 18991)
Posted 8 Feb 2008 by Profile RedMenace
Thanks for the explanation. It's the first I've seen on these annoying wu's. Keep in mind that if I was only chasing credits, I wouldn't be touching LHC at all ;) I think it's safe to say pretty much everyone here places science before ego.
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Posted 30 Dec 2007 by Profile RedMenace
the LHC application was written in Fortran

I heard someone was still coding in FORTRAN, so you are the one ;)

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