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Posted 10 Sep 2008 by mo.v
Caspr said
Just read a post over at CPDN and they also recommend the 5.10.xx downgrade because of some issues with the 6.2.xx version

Caspr, you probably read this CPDN News thread or this one.

Just yesterday I went around the 5 CPDN forums deleting that announcement dated 6 Aug about the public release of that first general release BOINC6 version. In the first news thread I linked to I seem to have accidentally reposted my announcement instead of deleting it, so sorry about that. I've now removed that old announcement which is obsolete.

You'll see that further down the same news threads there's a much more recent announcement about BOINC6 giving useful links to information about it eg in the BOINC FAQs.

Sorry about that confusion. The problem that occurred with that first BOINC6 public release version only affected some computers. This bug was fixed in the next public release.

On CPDN we are recommending the current versions of BOINC6. But we do recommend that members should read the FAQ about the installation modes before they install it. And stick with BOINC 5.10.45 if they don't want to upgrade to BOINC6 at the moment.

If anyone wants to run WUs that turn out to be incompatible with BOINC6, just go back to 5.10.45 until the project's produced BOINC6-compliant applications.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18510)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by mo.v
At first I thought both tasks were active together on the single core here. But when I looked in the BM messages at the exact second when each event took place, it turned out that the first task crashed in one second, then the second task got the CPU to itself for the following second.

Did you actually see 9 tasks listed as running in the Tasks tab, all at the same time? Did any of the tasks crash or terminate in a flash? If so, I wonder whether your BM messages might reveal something similar to what happened here. But if you saw 9 X Running, that's most bizarre.

(Maybe the manufacturer added a 9th core as a freebie!)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18507)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by mo.v

I've never before seen anything so different from CPDN! Next time I'll know not to panic. My first 20 or so tasks from LHC ran perfectly.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18506)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by mo.v
Jon Boy, if you mean an extra record of your computer on your server web pages for the project, this extra record is generated when you restore a backup. To get rid of the superfluous record, you go to the detailed page for one of the computer records and at the bottom you'll see the Merge button. This merges the different records of the same computer into one. Merge is better than Delete.

When you've done that you need to update all your projects on all your computers to help the project servers work out again who you are.

Superluous records of the same computers were also generated with one of the new boinc versions. These can't always be merged.

Only records with identical descriptions will merge. I have 2 descriptions of this same old computer; I expect they were generated by different versions of boinc. Because the descriptions aren't identical it's a waste of time trying to merge them.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18499)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by mo.v
Thanks for the info, Brian. I'm a newbie on LHC and had no idea what could cause this. I've looked at the results from other members who received the same workunit and exactly the same thing happened to them.

I now know that my computer didn't behave badly, which is a relief.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18497)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by mo.v
The LHC server seems to consider these two 1-second results a great success. Over - Success - Done. Exit code 0. I can find no crash or error messages or codes and the tasks didn't go through the Ready to report stage.

Maybe they were bewitched on Hallowe'en.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18489)
Posted 1 Nov 2007 by mo.v
Sorry about giving the generic link and not my own. Yes, that's the right computer.

On investigation, the 2 tasks do seem to have run consecutively and not together. Two models over in 3 seconds according to the messages. In the Tasks window both crashes appeared to happen simultaneously. You can see I'm accustomed to crunching in slow motion on CPDN; I've never previously seen anything happen like this in a flash of lightning.

Anyway, at least it means boinc didn't misbehave (in this respect!).

Thanks for the help.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Two instantaneous crashes (Message 18485)
Posted 31 Oct 2007 by mo.v

I've just downloaded two SixTrack 4.67 tasks onto this single-core AMD with boinc 5.10.20. Both appear to have started simultaneously (I've never seen this phenomenon on the single-core before) and both crashed simultaneously with 1 sec of computing time. Has anyone any idea how two tasks can start together on a single-core? (Both still show in my account as in progress as this has only just occurred.)

When I looked at the tasks in my account I noticed a second problem. I reckon I must have crunched a total of about 20 tasks for LHC, all recently, yet only 4 are shown - the 2 that have just crashed and 2 previous successes. The credit of 176 is, I think, correct, but isn't of course consistent with only 2 completed tasks. Any ideas?


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