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Posted 9 Mar 2009 by Profile Laura_Stevens

We are currently seeking new members who would like to participate in an active, friendly, and knowledgeable BOINC community. Come see for yourself why we are one of the fastest rising teams on BOINC.

    * BOINCstats Website where you can find access to daily statistics, project status, and track your BOINC progress on a clear, clean, customizable, and concise website open to the entire community.

    * BAM! The BOINC Account Manager is a free tool open to the entire BOINC community which allows you to manage all of your BOINC connected hosts, and BOINC projects simply and effectively through a single, straightforward web based interface.

    * The BOINCstats Forums are filled with helpful information, troubleshooting guides, and updates about BOINC projects, as well as the latest news in technology, and places to chat about whatever is on your mind. BOINCstats team members may also participate in the extremely active members only sections of the forums which include hardware and software support, active chat about projects, new technology, crunching challenges, favorite projects, and even a bit of humor.

2008 was a period of tremendous growth for our team, and we are already continuing that trend strong into 2009. If you are looking for a team that is friendly with responsive forums and great teamwork, than please consider supporting our effort. We are regular participants in the SIMAP scrambles each month, as well as the PrimeGrid challenge series. We also collaborate to turn out in large numbers for most other challenges, and welcome all members whether they are contributing 1 CPU or 1000.

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Posted 10 Sep 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
Congratulations to everyone involved!

Apologies to everyone that spent this morning laying in their bathtub with aluminum foil hats waiting for the Earth to implode. Maybe the next big scientific endeavor will bring you what you hope for.
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Posted 14 Aug 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
Great pictures from the LHC


Congratulations! You've won this week's "Post The Same Link A Day Later In A New Thread Award"





Sorry Al, I very rarely check the forums here, just came across the pics via email and decided to throw them up here.
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Posted 4 Aug 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
Great pictures from the LHC

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Posted 18 Apr 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
a) We have a second project it's called the Grid. The LHC's computing needs are being fulfilled by that IF we can get something ported to BOINC we will but I reiterate we have no money. Also it's not just the download are you all willing to have large, hard drives, massive broadband connections and run only Scientific Linux (CERN edition) and not use your machines for anything else?

b) Now if I'd know there were workunits coming I could have told you all yesterday but oh no the first I know of it is when I come on here to check the boards, ARGH!

a) I think it's doable for some. Maybe not with the same resources as other OS's but definately doable, and would get support, although I imagine it being slow at first to attract new users.

b) Good news that there is work, bad that they don't tell you. :/ Sorry to hear it, hopefully communication improves as this thing nears completion.
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Posted 18 Apr 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
I would be willing to bet that if they did a port of their analysis program to BOINC we could do as well as the super computers they have lined up to do their data .

Not a chance, a single dataset which a machine needs would be at least 1 gigabyte of data and your machine would have to download that before it could do anything else. We are TRYING to find something from the analysis of real data that will port but the big four have told us that the code is too, lets say, verbose.

Well, there are quite a few of us with both the bandwidth and larger than average computers ...

I second that. The size of the downloads shouldn't cause me a bandwith problem, most of my systems have plenty of disk space (and 500 GB disks are the only $100 or so these days). Admittedly, I have several systems running XP Pro, which therefore have memory limitations. The only reason most of them are running a Windows OS at all is that proteins@home doesn't have a Linux app. Give me a steady supply of LHC work, and I'll buy memory, install Linux, and abandon proteins@home.

Maybe you should create a second project for the analysis work (with strong warnings about the kind of machines required to run it). I'd be attracted to such a project, and maybe other people with serious hardware would.

I third that!, lol
A high bandwidth project, even if it took days or a couple weeks to crunch a single WU would be doable and if need be could parallel multiple CPU's if it's supported to crunch it faster. There are many of us that are flexible enough with our hardware that those numbers are not that big of a deal really. If you set up the requirements, people will crunch it. You'd be surprised how many people could attach a 10,20, or even 50 gigaflop cluster out of old junk if you asked them to. In fact I think that would be a very popular project, because people would look at it more as "elite credits" and build up to crunch it.
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Posted 17 Apr 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
From what I've seen reading through the published data.

LHC@Home has been kind of forgotten.

It's not really being addressed as part for their computing needs

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new info related to LHC@Home in the project collaboration forums, and I kind of get the feeling that a lot of individuals involved have just kind of forgotten about it, or dismissed it as not worthwhile. This is just my opinion of course, and I can't say it for certain as I don't know the individuals involved, and am not involved in the project in any way.
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Posted 11 Apr 2008 by Profile Laura_Stevens
This is an article from the February 08 edition of Scientific American detailing the science behind the LHC, what may be found, and what may happen.

The Coming Revolution in Particle Physics:


It's a bit science heavy and may be a bit dry for some, but a fascinating read on where we are and where this may take us. Illustrated article with good explanations.

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