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Posted 18 Oct 2007 by hmusseau
Well, I'm a newcomer to this project, which I had wanted to join for quite some time but didn't, seeing as there was no work. With all the publicity and discovering that the bucket was full, I signed up.
So second day I took a look at my account to see how my first WUs had fared, and discovered that the IR is a whooping 5! What a waste. I already frown at projets that have an IR of 3, so imagine 5. I immediately halved my participation in the project; I will probably soon set it to no new task pending a better policy.
If you need the results fast, just shorten the deadline, that's what it's for, and set IR at a decent level. I understand the project is sensitive to calculation errors, so leave quorum and IR at 3 if 2 really is insufficient, but please don't go farther.
BTW if you do need the results fast, I really don't get the quota that dole out the WUs. It seems like it's against LHC's best interests in the short run, and unless there is a large increase in workunits looming I don't see the point in getting so many new crunchers whereas the ones you had before were more than sufficient to crunch everything the project was sending their way.

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