1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Master file fetch failed (Message 8875)
Posted 24 Jul 2005 by Blue Aquarian
When I start boinc these are the first messages I get:

Starting BOINC client version 4.45 for windows_intelx86
Data directory: C:\PROGRAM FILES\BOINC
No general preferences found - using BOINC defaults
Remote control not allowed; using loopback address
Insufficient work; requesting more

then when I attach to a project (it attachs just fine)and hit update, this is the error I'm getting:

request_reschedule_cpus: project op
http://lhcathome.cern.ch/|Master file fetch failed
http://lhcathome.cern.ch/|Resetting project
request_reschedule_cpus: exit_tasks
http://lhcathome.cern.ch/|Detaching from project

I'm using boinc 4.45 on windows 98se, with a HT cpu.
Anyone know why I'm getting this error?

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