1) Message boards : Number crunching : Thank you for the work (Message 21170)
Posted 4 Feb 2009 by Profile timmygadget
Yep - Noderaser has the right idea. All of my machines have several projects in rotation, and poll LHC as they get to it in turn.

I really like this project and just leave it open all the time to catch what work comes along, as for waisting energy, well sure my computer is always on anyway. Keep up the good work LHC !
2) Message boards : Team invites : Join team Ireland - MEMBERS NEEDED! (Message 19099)
Posted 26 Feb 2008 by Profile timmygadget

Welcome to team Ireland. Do come and join the team!

Team Ireland has a brand new team website, so please do come and visit. It has loads of team information and it's an internet forum so you can register and join in the chat: http://www.irelandboinc.com

Team Ireland is the number one team for BOINC in our country and we are in the top 350 teams in the world on total credit. Come and crunch with team Ireland and do your bit for science.

We give you a warm Irish welcome on this team. You can join team Ireland on this project and any BOINC project by visiting the following link and clicking the join link for that project.

Thanks for reading our team message. See ya soon agus Slán Abhaile!

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