1) Message boards : Number crunching : 20,000,000,000 Credits across ALL BOINC Projects (Message 15823)
Posted 15 Dec 2006 by Profile [B^S] Zain Upton
As far as I can tell... the update I have just run at BOINC Synergy calculates that the total work done across ALL projects (including Alpha Beta stage projects) just passed

20,000,000,000 Total credits!

A good day for BOINC.

Zain Upton
BOINC Synergy
2) Message boards : Team invites : SETI Synergy (Message 5564)
Posted 11 Jan 2005 by Profile [B^S] Zain Upton
Hello all,

I just wanted to add my official bit in this thread! (Being the developer and team leader for SETI Synergy)

If you dont have a team SETI Synergy may well be worth a look for all the above reasons. Were a friendly bunch, have over 50 countries represented throughout the world (making us truely international) and have an active forum and development cycle.

Have a look here


BOINC Stats for ALL projects

Feel free to open an account at the web page, ask questions at the forums, or use the "Contact Us" link to email the developers.

Zain - developer and creator of SETI Synergy - 100% BOINC projects.

Teamless? Drop by SETI Synergy and look around. Also checkout our famous BOINC World Stats

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