1) Message boards : Number crunching : Invite old users again? (Message 24538)
Posted 8 Aug 2012 by Tom_unoduetre

what about sending a mass email to the registered users in the database (only email the users who have agreed to receive emails of course ;-) and tell them that LHC is up and running again? Maybe right now it´s a bit too early but I think you should consider this.

When looking at the server status there are around 100k registered users but currently only ~ 10% of them with recent credits so there´s a huge potential for increasing your computing power :-)

Keep up the great work.
2) Message boards : LHC@home Science : LHC classic compared to LHC 2.0 (Message 22872)
Posted 5 Sep 2011 by Tom_unoduetre

could one of the project staff give some more insight into the actual work being done by LHC classic in comparison to the new LHC 2.0? Are these the same calculations on a smaller scale (without Cern VM and Virtualbox needed) or are we crunching something completely different?


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