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Posted 13 Aug 2008 by Profile Kibble
I've noticed the same same problem, Viking69. You will also find slash marks in some posts. there are two workarounds necessary: copy and paste into a blank text editor (notepad) to see the entire post, and then use the edit feature to eliminate the slash marks.

Good luck,
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Posted 13 Aug 2008 by Profile Kibble
No, you are not the only one. It is a bug in the forum code on the server. Avoid it by not using contractions in your post.

P.S. Ooops! Avoiding contractions doesn't prevent the backslashes being added to quote characters, sorry.[/quote]

Well, I see that you've discovered another problem, Dagorath. There is a workaround for this, use the edit feature to get rid of the unnecessary slash marks. Takes a little more time for your post, but makes it look a lot better.


@yemonk: The BOINC development crew must be working overtime since there is a newer version available, 6.2.16. I'm upgrading immediately!
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Posted 12 Aug 2008 by Profile Kibble
I probably did not make it clear that all work I got was turned back in on time and the last four were cancelled within hours of my receiving them

There are obviously some problems, but without being able to check the work unit field, http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/forum_thread.php?id=2832, I can't confirm that the redundant designation is correct.

One way or another the administrators will find out about the problems.
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Posted 11 Aug 2008 by Profile Kibble
But if you crunch a task to 90% and then it gets canceled as redundant then your computer has done unneeded work. And, if the cancels work the way they do on other projects I've seen, you don't get any credits for the work you did (which doesn't bother me but I have a hunch it might bother lots of other folks).

The better way to get rapid completion without all the wasted effort that setting Initial Replication greater than Quorum entails, is to make the deadlines shorter. If there are complaints that some people cannot handle shorter deadlines then tough, not every project is for every cruncher.


Most people here are crunching for other projects as well. It would be unrealistic to expect otherwise. The time share for this project on my computer is the same as all others. BOINC adjusts things so that the work gets done by the time it is needed. An adjustment to the number of neccessary work units issued would solve some problems as would simply giving credit for all returned work units, eliminating this specific problem once and for all!

I see two obvious face saving possibilities here. The work is released by staff at CERN, but their calculations for the number of results needed to detail the the dynamic aperture were faulty. The other is that the work units themselves were corrupted. (A distant possibility since the server is labeling my results simply as redundant.)

The timing for work unit return should be based on the project needs as well as when those work units can be reassigned to other volunteers. If at all possible a fudge factor should be introduced to allow for corrupt work units to be fixed which involves time or server outage to be allowed for which also involves time.

I submit that the project scientists and their staff at CERN are playing safe by dropping unnecessary work units into the system for some reason. Either that or the servers in the UK are broke. There are some other problems which seem to have crept up, but that is grist for another thread.

Too bad problems have shown up when most of the staff is out on holiday. I suspect that things will be put right sometime soon, however. Only time will tell, though.

I, personally, am interested in how many others have not collected credit for work units. No one has said specifically that their work units are labelled as redundant. In my case it was all of the ones I received. This might be a case of staff not caring or unwilling to fix a complete run of thousands of of bad results manually much like the unending pending problem. If communications between CERN and the UK is still working there may be a repeat of this run in the offing.
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Posted 11 Aug 2008 by Profile Kibble
14.07.2008 19:40 BST -
The server software has now mostly been upgraded. There may still be some issues so please bear with us over the next few days.

Just going out on a limb, but it looks like the server software testing was truncated before all testing was complete or some issues could not be fixed by the staff. IMHO, test work units were not introduced or if they were there was a failure to look at all fields.
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Posted 11 Aug 2008 by Profile Kibble
Unfortunately all of the work units I've returned have been cancelled by the server and classed as redundant from the latest batch. There are four others waiting in the queue to be crunched, and I fully expect them to be "redundant" also. I wonder if River's statement that when the work units are issued the results are needed is true at this point. (CF: http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/forum_thread.php?id=2261#14634)
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Posted 15 Mar 2008 by Profile Kibble
There is some kind of error when you try to login here.

I just tried to login a few minutes ago, but it would not let me. So i tried it several times to make sure that it was not my cap locks or a spelling mistake.

It turned out that i was not allowed to login unless i ticked the box that says "Remember me each time i visit".

While i was trying this login procedure, i said i would try get the project to email me my account key so i could use that. But no good, it would not email the account key to me either. It said "Can't send email to XXXXX@hotmail.com:"

I should not have to tick that box to login.


As a user with a hotmail account, I havent' been able to repeat your issue with the hotmail thing. Maybe they fixed the email thing.
The checkbox issue sounds like a browser cookie thing.

Nope. The problem still exists as described previously. (And thanks for work around, Ireland.)

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Posted 13 Dec 2007 by Profile Kibble
I don't feel too bad about the issue now. I only have one pending result from 1 Nov 2007. Waiting for new code to automatically clean up ghosts is not a problem. I just worry that the staff may have to pore over many pages in the data base manually doing the delete trick until an update to the code is finished.

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Posted 29 Oct 2007 by Profile Kibble
I suspect that the deletion of old work units is a lower priority job. There's been a lot of complaints due to the lack of work units available. Now that the project is producing work the team will have to see if things are running smoothly. Perhaps the deletions will take place while the programmers are catching their collective breaths. (And if no other brush fires crop up. Cross yer fingers!)

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Posted 20 Sep 2007 by Profile Kibble
A Reuters article indicates that LHC may have to delay full scale experiments until 2009. http://www.reuters.com/article/blogBurst/science?type=scienceNews&w1=B7ovpm21IaDoL40ZFnNfGe&w2=B80EKKDZW7XjzuNGrifTUKY&src=blogBurst_scienceNews&bbPostId=B4Hj78ZQkrFHCz48ED92G5hvRBBLL4Er2bbWaCz1IK3ACBq4a7&bbParentWidgetId=B80EKKDZW7XjzuNGrifTUKY
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Posted 11 Feb 2007 by Profile Kibble
As I'm a new player here, without credit yet, my take on the issue may be a bit different from the majority of the posters. Personally I'm inclined to recommend waiting until the project is up and running before addressing the issue of fairness in the downloading of work units. When the boffins want to do big science and the infrastructure is available, I'm sure there will be many projects which means many many flops will be required. The LHC is gonna be too expensive to just run a few experiments then shut down. More people will be available to make changes in the servers' progaming when things start moving if needed.

I just signed up a short while ago simply due to being interested in watching the scientific discoveries. If the few cycles I have available can make things happen any quicker then I'll be quite happy.

There are quite a few other projects available for the result junkies, and I also run both SETI and Einstein programs currently.

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