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Posted 11 May 2007 by Profile Alex Owen

The transition is progressing. Hope to have some more concrete information on the front page soon.

The project has been through a number of admin's hands and so information has been spread thinly. Thinks have taken time as I have had to scrape the information together and when I find something out it solves 1 problem but reveals 2 more...

I know a number of you are feeling frustrated about this... if it is any comfort so am I!!!

Bye for now

Alex Owen

LHC@Home Server Admin
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Posted 19 Dec 2006 by Profile Alex Owen
I just sent an email to the press department at QMUL asking them to update the website as to the status of the project and resolution of the problems. Hopefully this will get some reaction. If they answer my email request I will post it on this thread.

Hi there,
I'm Alex Owen. I'm taking over the LHC@Home server at Queen Mary early in the new year. I can let on that we have the new server on site and that it boots when powered up... I'll be busy building the new server and migrating the service early in the new year.

The new server is an HP DL380 G4. We have taken some pics which we will try to put up before too long...

I'm not sure our central college press bod's know much/anything about us taking over LHC@Home so you may not get much out of them!

Have a great Christmas and "see" you in the new year!

Alex Owen

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