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Posted 25 Nov 2006 by Profile Miko
Hallo Leute!

Ich finde es einfach falsch, ja echt dreist, was die Zensurkommission des deutschen Wikipedia treibt!

Jetzt soll (nach Spinhenge und anderen) auch der Eintrag von QMC gelöscht werden!

Bitte nehmt an der Löschdiskussion teil, vielleicht fallen Euch ja noch andere / bessere Argumente ein als mir!
Wenn viele dort ihr Statement hinterlassen sieht man auch das ein öffentliches Interesse besteht!!!


mit Gruss,

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Posted 24 Jun 2006 by Profile Miko
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Posted 28 May 2006 by Profile Miko
Please help!

I was a few month offline. During this time i've lost some of my account Datas.
Both are named "Miko" but with different Emailadresses.
One is haegerau17@aol.com, i know the PW and the long account id number. But this adress is no longer usable because i've delighted my AOL-Account.
So i created a new one: webmaster@altes-beckhaus.com this adress i use in all other BOINC Projects. But i lost the LHC Password... and the id-code.

Is it possibile to merge these both accounts to one for me useable?
is it possibile to delight the Miko Emailadress "webmaster" account (if there are no or not mutch credits) so i could change the Emailadress of the other account... now it's impossibile becouse there is one with this adress!

Please send me an Info by Email, so i could return the code and Passwort for legitimation.

Thanx and regards
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Posted 10 Jan 2006 by Profile Miko
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Posted 10 Jan 2006 by Profile Miko
The (most) BOINC projects use the same URL as their BOINC-Webside URL and as "Log-In URL" for the project in the BOINC - Manager!!!

These and other Infos You can get in the new (and growing) "Crunching Wiki"
(Sorry! ...it's just in german language)

The Crunching Family,
a german Group aiming the DC information and help for user and projects,
helps (+ infos) You about the handling around BOINC and all of it's projects (just post in english at our forum, we'll help in easy kind!)

A list of all BONC projects (activ, in test and comming soon/geplante) is here:

Regards Miko

Wenn jemand deutsch spricht und auch gern anderen hilft ist er bei uns gut aufgehoben und sehr Willkommen! M.
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Posted 7 Jan 2006 by Profile Miko
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Posted 3 Jan 2006 by Profile Miko
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Posted 1 Jan 2006 by Profile Miko
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Posted 23 Dec 2005 by Profile Miko
A merry Christmas
and a
very good new year

to all cruncher and to the project team.



(Maybe next year our Info- + Helpservice is more used...)

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