1) Message boards : Number crunching : Download problems? (Message 19841)
Posted 28 Jul 2008 by pieface
Ah well, little hope for anything tonite
unless someone stops on bye when heading home
from the local.

Hey John, I like that little guy, reminds
me of myself some nites or early mornings
after a nite of crunchin COBOL. The business
folks used to draw straws to see who was
gonna bring me the first problem report of
the day - just in case I had pulled an
all-nighter getting some - must have - test
data run thru... Hahahaha glad I dont do
that any more! Much better frustration level
when ur crunchin for cobblewhoosies instead
of $$$$.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Download problems? (Message 19833)
Posted 28 Jul 2008 by pieface
One of my machines started trying to download two wu's about two hours ago, and has been getting error messages "temporarily failed... HTTP error". Time to kick your server or my machine (or both)?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : The new look bugs (Message 17210)
Posted 3 Jul 2007 by pieface
maybe not a 'bug' per se. When I first went into the NC forum I tried to change the sort criteria and got:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /srv/httpd/lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/html/user/forumheader.php:12) in /srv/httpd/lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/html/user/forum_thread.php on line 40

Started to do a note, and was prompted to log-in, once I logged in I had no problem changing the sort criteria without seeing the message.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Please note: this project rarely has work (Message 16395)
Posted 23 Feb 2007 by pieface
Those 16k or so work units disappeared in the blink of an eye!
Have a good week-end!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Work? (Message 13802)
Posted 31 May 2006 by pieface
What... after all this hemming and hawing there's no-one to cheer that we now have 10k + workunits to crunch.... Long weekend must have tired everyone out!!
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : ghost WU's and 500 return code from scheduler (Message 12735)
Posted 14 Feb 2006 by pieface
I'm running BM 5.2.13 on my p4 windows xp machine (w/ht turned on) dedicated 100 pct to LHC right now, and have noticed a sharp increase in the number of times the scheduler is returning a 500 code and at the same time a slew of ghost wu's that are charged to my account but never get downloaded. I don't know if its related or maybe causing the problem, but a lot of the scheduler requests seem to be for tiny chunks of work (like two seconds?). Any ideas on how to get rid of the problem? I know the work will eventually be sent out to someone else, but....
7) Message boards : Number crunching : what are these w5_lhc_coll jobs? (Message 10168)
Posted 14 Sep 2005 by pieface
Hmmmm, I hadn't noticed that, but you're right. Of the five I saw, two died a quick and painless death in less than a minute, one went about 1/2 hour and the other two went for 10 to 10.5 hours. About double what most LHC units run.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : what are these w5_lhc_coll jobs? (Message 10163)
Posted 14 Sep 2005 by pieface
I have crunched my way thru a couple of six-packs worth of the 'standard' units with names like wjun3a and wjun4a, but recently got some that started with w5_lhc_coll - tried a search on the message boards, but didn't see them mentioned anywhere... They seem to crunch on the same old sixtrack 4.67 application?
9) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Work Units sent to only one or two users? (Message 8830)
Posted 22 Jul 2005 by pieface
Thanks for the reply, I noticed the thread was getting a lot of views, but wondered if anyone would reply (especially since I put it in the wrong section!). After I posted this I saw a couple of other threads in the NC section with similar content, although the subject headers didnt make it very apparent. It still seems like everyone is tap-dancing around the subject. Why are some WU's sent to multiple users almost simultaneously while a few like the ones I mentioned go out to only one user and even after they are completed and the result uploaded, not sent out to anyone else. May if I post it in the 'problems' section one of the project techies can get a better answer than 'it just happens that way sometimes'.
10) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Work Units sent to only one or two users? (Message 8799)
Posted 22 Jul 2005 by pieface
I have been 'lurking' on the Boinc Fora for some time, but this is my first post so....take it easy on me eh...
I was wondering about how work units are distributed here. In the past day or so I have returned a couple like 327966 and 330563 that were sent to/returned by one or two users, but not sent to anyone else (as yet anyway). I'm kind of used to the way 'SETI' sends a unit to four users at almost the same time, and was wondering if this is normal on LHC or there is something odd about the two units.

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