1) Message boards : Number crunching : Upload Errors (Message 25979)
Posted 23 Oct 2013 by glaesum
Well they're going to want the results at some point!

Meanwhile, as most of the regular crunchers fill up with backed-up tasks at their maximum ration of active wus, the rate of completion of work will grind to a near halt - apart from the hundred or so new users added each day. /p
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Why BOINC 6.X has issues with LHC@home and other things (Message 20926)
Posted 9 Jan 2009 by glaesum
could someone summarise, in non-tecchie language, whether it is ok to upgrade to boinc 6.4.x now. I am still using 5.10.x and put off moving to v.6 on hearing of the problems. however my other projects, such as cpdn, have problems with the graphics screensaver if NOT using v.6 so I am getting restless without seeing clear guidance. Guess which projects have continuous work!! /pg
3) Message boards : Number crunching : The new look bugs (Message 19810)
Posted 19 Jul 2008 by glaesum
same here:
Something goes wrong when you try to look at a workunit:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_int() in /srv/httpd/lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/html/user/workunit.php on line 8

4) Message boards : LHC@home Science : BBC Radio coverage of CERN and the LHC (Message 19594)
Posted 4 May 2008 by glaesum
Here is the direct link to the Real Player stream http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/shows/rpms/fivelive/drive_wed.ram.

First LHC report: 43:30 - 52:15
Second LHC report: 1:34:30 - 1:43:45


thanks Keith that was a great help to find the clips quickly.

I must admit I do find these trite reports very irritating - I'm quite sure more sense can be communicated simply to a general audience by being less silly.

In fact the best bit for me was the final follow up minute talking to award winning Wendy Salder of sciencemadesimple.co.uk
(websites with a similar name but .com and .net domains appear to be unrelated US ones although with the same idea and purpose behind them.)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Muon accelerator design via BOINC (Message 19544)
Posted 25 Apr 2008 by glaesum
has anyone worked out the minimum system specification for running those Muon tasks?
that is minimum memory, cpu and operating system.

CPU varies quite a lot. My Core2 T5470 1.6GHz has completed some Muon WUs in about 1 hour, but the last WU took just over 20 hours. (The progress bar doesn't track well either, apparently a limitation of the wrapper.)

arrgh... that could be 2.5 - 3days or more; what is the report deadline, it'd need to be nearly a week to be safe?
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Muon accelerator design via BOINC (Message 19541)
Posted 25 Apr 2008 by glaesum
has anyone worked out the minimum system specification for running those Muon tasks?
that is minimum memory, cpu and operating system. I'd like to try it on my old athlon+win98. Half of my LHC credits come from the old tub which works fine even if the million turn tasks do take 36hrs!!

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Disappearing Result (Message 19533)
Posted 24 Apr 2008 by glaesum
It was definitely not processed in the normal way (if anything is normal for LHC see all pending small results for example). I have been running LHC for some time and have not seen this behaviour before. Thanks for the answer though :-}

I wondered if I was imagining things as I've also seen a couple of rapidly vanishing wus in recent weeks; however I'm pretty sure (i.e. sub-100%) the credit was properly issued a little while later.

mind you, if you reported 22/5/08 then you must be travelling faster than the LHC beam and 'c' - possibly a much greater problem to worry about!!! lol
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Initial replication and missing workunit (Message 19182)
Posted 7 Mar 2008 by glaesum

2) This workunit is supposed to be crunching now in my computer.

Only thing is I have only 1 workunit on my computer, and it's not that one.
Why is this so ?

stuff happens:

it might be a similar symptom to the orphaned wu I got at the beginning of the week. My boinc mgr sent a request for work at 04.32utc Mar4, a wu was issued at 04.34utc but my log reported communication failed at 04.37 and timed out without receiving the the wu. I can't abort or do anything about it, it will just have to 'fail to report' and possibly be re-issued if needed.

9) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Amendment of 'Resource share' (Message 19159)
Posted 4 Mar 2008 by glaesum
I've found it a bit hit or miss whether different projects accept resource share instructions from BAM/Boincstats some do and some don't (and I suspect other account managers are the same) and it takes a day or so to find out either way. going direct to the projects' your account/project preferences page gives certainty that it'll take.
it's a slight pity as it would be nice to do it seemlessly from a single screen over a number of projects.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : How long is a piece of string? (Message 19158)
Posted 4 Mar 2008 by glaesum
while there are more of the long 1m turn work units around, it made me wonder what sort of savepoints do the LHC wus have? none... every 1000 turns... every 10,000 turns? there's no search function on this message board, so sorry if it's been often mentioned before. I also fetched down an extra day of work in the buffer of the slower in my two rigs (they each take over a day on that one so you understand the savepoint question!)

11) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Milestones (Message 19010)
Posted 10 Feb 2008 by glaesum
there are small milestones as well as big ones:

the latest large WUs have finally bumped me up over my first 1000 creds also curiously putting me into the top third in the rankings.
this very much implies there is a very long tail of inactive or detached users who have lost heart after very little crunching done - probably not very surprising with the long gaps between batches of work issued.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : To completion times for new tasks (Message 19005)
Posted 9 Feb 2008 by glaesum
Check Points are well placed. Never had any problems even with chronic power failures.
Check your machine. Maybe some other problems. Have you blown the dust bunnies out recently or is there a collection in there?
Regards Masud.

the shutdown must have been a too hard landing for the old win98 pc to cope with; anyway, once back up it cracked on with the work unit knocking it out in 36hrs and well beating the two day forecast. I just wish all the credits from this host would show up in my combined stats - it's been 6wks since I attached, any cpid probs should have cleared by now. (just LHC doesn't show - malaria and rosetta are fine)

as for the dust bunnies - I'm red-faced and guilty as charged! there's lots of dust here and I've have been meaning to unplug everything and clean up for months but can't face it... ;)
13) Message boards : Number crunching : What's with the tiny work units? (Message 18998)
Posted 9 Feb 2008 by glaesum
The latest batch of WU's could be 1,000,000 turn vs 100,000 turn.

We used to get those in the past.

Needless to say, the 1m turn took about 10x as long as the 100k turn.

just think, in the real-life LHC collider, those 1m laps of the 27km tunnel will take the protons just a minute and a half!
14) Message boards : Number crunching : To completion times for new tasks (Message 18997)
Posted 9 Feb 2008 by glaesum
my main box has gone from 75-80mins to over 12.5hrs so this agrees with the x10 experience reported.

anyway, I have a different question: both my boxes went down last night - probably some power glitch - one completely switched off and the other got stuck at the log in screen losing a night's work. does 'sixtrack' application have proper save points in the middle of a work unit?

the main pc seemed ok, at least it is reasonably fast if the not quite the latest kit, but the ancient AMD 650mhz athlon on win98 looked like it had to start again from scratch. Since it's predicted to take over 2days to complete the wu I can't exactly afford to get behind crunching to turn it round in time!!! lol
(had to suspend other projects until this one clears)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Whoo-Hoo... W-Uuu's (Message 18938)
Posted 30 Jan 2008 by glaesum
I thought the latest experiment all went fine; my main dual core machine got about 8 wus on the best day. Even my old win98 tub had about 5 queued up at one point; I paused everything else and cleared them through within a day and a bit.

It will have proved important to encourage the widest participation if & when the project expands in the future on a larger scale.

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