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Posted 14 Mar 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Thanks i fixed it.
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Posted 14 Mar 2006 by Profile Chrulle
I do not know. I have not heard from the scientist doing the studies. Unfortunately he is stationed in Canada so I cannot just drop by his office to have a chat.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Is the user base/project participants growing a bit too large, for our server? (Message 13008)
Posted 13 Mar 2006 by Profile Chrulle
The front page link to this thread isn't valid :

A short update on what is happening can be found in the message boards <a href="http://lhcathome/forum_thread.php?id=2056#12970">

It might work inhouse but isn't resolved properly from outside.

Once it's fixed, you could delete my entry as it's off topic then.

Thanks it should be fixed.
24) Message boards : Number crunching : Is the user base/project participants growing a bit too large, for our server? (Message 12970)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Since you all seem interested here is a little progress report and a look at the future of lhc@home.

We have received our new LHC@home servers. Two new dual 3.0 GHz machines. Unfortunately there is a problem with the disks. The disks ids are reordered during the installation process, so that after a reboot the system will try to boot the wrong disks. This can be fixed manually, but this is a problem for the automatic system at CERN. Whenever a security upgrade is needed or some hardware has failed and been replaced the system does a complete reinstall of the servers system disk. It would then require manual interaction to get it to run again. We are hoping to have this problem solved soon.

Sixtrack will continue to run with many small studies. Eric MacIntosh is looking into porting a new version of sixtrack to BOINC. This new version will have new physics modelling and beam collimation.

New Apps:
Garfield, a drift chamber simulation, has been ported to BOINC and tested. At the moment it is running on the 100 recycled farm servers we were given by the computer centre. We are now waiting for an official request for resources from ATLAS and other experiments. If we have enough request we will look into porting garfield to windows and moving it to LHC@home.
Pythia and ATLFast have also been ported to boinc.
Pythia is an event generator used by all the experiments at CERN. The idea was to use it in LHC@home to create a database of good noise[1]. ATLFast is a fast and reduced version of the full ATLAS simulation software. This could be used to do preliminary event reconstruction on LHC@home once the LHC is running.

The Malariacontrol project has been spun-off from CERN. The servers have been relocated to the university of Geneva and to STI in Basel for the beta phase. To learn more about the project go to Africa@home. We are now looking for other projects to run within the africa at home project.

The future:
Sixtrack will continue to run for the time being and we hope to launch more applications. LHC@home will continue also after the LHC starts running, whether it will run sixtrack, one of the new apps or a mixture has not been decided yet.
We would like to have some summer students work on LHC@home related projects, so if you are a CS student and interested have a look at the student programme. On a more personal note I will leave Cern at the end of the month. I do not yet know who will take over the day to day server administration, but i expect Ben will look in on the message boards from time to time.

[1] good noise is important for the physicist. They have to pick out the one interesting interaction from a bunch of other events and maybe even outside sources like cosmic radiation. They therefore need to tune their simulations using generated noise.
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Posted 3 Feb 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Backup power is also much more important down in the ring than for the computers. If there is a power glitch down there, the cooling will stop and then the power wires that looks like a half-width ATA cable and are carrying ~10'000 Amp will stop being superconducting. Then they melt very fast heating other superconducting material near them creating a chain reaction. Then the magnets will fail and we will lose the beam, it is believed that the beam can burn through 30 meters of copper. So if we get a problem down there we lose the work of more than 10'000 people for 10 years and all the equipment. Here we just lose a days worth of computer time.

It shouldn't even have been that much. I checked that everything was running and it was. I just forgot to check all the tables in the database.

26) Message boards : Number crunching : Database Crash (Message 12578)
Posted 30 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
It was indeed only the IT building that lost its power. The problem was with the new local substation that is needed to supply the computer centre with power. Here is the explanation from the technical guys:

The computer centre power failure on Tuesday night has been traced to a manufacturing fault with a circuit breaker in one of the main 2000A switchboards in the new substation. This problem was entirely unexpected---no equivalent failure has been seen at CERN in over 20 years. TS has asked the switchboard suppliers for an explanation and will be undertaking a systematic review of the remaining 94 circuit breakers in the near future. This exercise can be done without any service interruption but will require short periods when the physics computing farms run without UPS coverage.

With many apologies for the inconvenience; we really hope that we are through our teething problems with the new substation.
27) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Malaria Control account creation (Message 12503)
Posted 27 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle

I wonder if anyone can fill me in on the history of how it got to be a CERN project?


Did you Click here for more information?


yes I did. I repeat it is a great project and it is great that it is being supported at CERN, but I could not see anywhere on that site how the wonderful idea came about that a nuclear research organisation (Recherche Nuclaire) for Europe (Europeanne) is doing a biomedical project for Africa.

I am asking, not how the project came about or how it is needed (which are answered on their site) but how it came about that CERN is supporting it.


It came about because CERN although a particle physics laboratory also research computer science and a mandate to transfer this research to the public. The http protocol for example was created at CERN. As other examples of research not directly linked to particle physics CERN is also involved in medical research.
See: here

Because we already had a lot of expertise in boinc projects here at CERN it was an ideal place to start and spin-off another project. Although CERN is not directly contributing money to the project, the management has graciously allowed us to work on the project as long as it does not interfere with our other duties.

28) Message boards : Number crunching : Chrulle: database probs again? (Message 12500)
Posted 27 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Well it was probably in the middle of an update. The status page is updated every five minutes.

You do not have to tell me if it is gone after 5 minutes, but if it goes on for longer that 30 mins then please let me know.

29) Message boards : Number crunching : Jukka Klem, please fix the validator / database problem? (Message 12439)
Posted 26 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
We had a power outtage in the computer centre recently. The machine had rebooted and was running fine. Unfortunately it turns out that the workunit and result table had been coorupted. I am working on fixing it.

30) Message boards : Number crunching : Oke, no Work when will there be again. (Message 12401)
Posted 25 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Well I come by more often to read the forums, but i only answer if i feel i have something important to say. I also do not answer questions if they have already been answered before but the person asking was too lazy to look through the forum.

>What has too happen so that LHC get's more motion.

Well, there is only so much work that has to be done. I try to keep pushing the scientist to tell me when and how much work they are going to do. You can be sure that as soon as i know something i will let you know.

31) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Malaria Control account creation (Message 12302)
Posted 23 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Beta is probably coming soon. (weeks)
As soon as account creation is opened we will announce it here.
32) Message boards : LHC@home Science : CERN doesn't like LHC@Home. (Message 12149)
Posted 18 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Unfortunately it is not an easy little fix.

We have contacted the department responsible for the main cern web pages. They are going to redo the public web pages to focus more on the LHC, and they have promised that these new pages will link to us.

While LHC@home at the moment is runing sixtrack for the beam people it does not mean the we belong to the beam group. We are an experimental service belonging to the IT department. The IT department is a separate group where the experiments and groups can "buy" different "services", like for example farm servers.

At the moment we are only running sixtrack, but we are working on other applications as well.

33) Message boards : Number crunching : Download failures (Message 11982)
Posted 14 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
At the moment the server is trying to give out work to all the client it can therefore time out on some of the transfers of bigger files. If the problem persists on monday then please let me know.

34) Message boards : Number crunching : Database Errors (Message 11980)
Posted 14 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
Well, the spurious database entries are not affecting the functioning of the system so it is not a big priority to fix it. It is annoying for you to have a corrupted entry in your overview but that is the only impact on the system.

To fix this i would have to manually go through the database and delete/fix those entries. This would take up a lot of my time and there would be a big chance that i mess something up. Causing some damage to the DB that will affect the system negatively.

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Posted 14 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle

Standard rules apply ie not LHC employees may enter.

Why not? I knew as little about this as anyone else. ;-)

36) Message boards : Number crunching : New work when? (Message 11882)
Posted 10 Jan 2006 by Profile Chrulle
I think a little bit more informations from the LHC Team would be nice... Are there members from the LHC Team anywhere?

I think they got sucked into a black hole they created with the LHC...

I did not but i did have dig myself out of a lot of snow back in Denmark. Christmas was boring and raining but then we got more than 30 cms in half a day. I really enjoyed it though, my first christmas not studying for exams in a really long time. :-)

Now i am back at CERN and we are pushing the scientists for news. We will let you know as soon as possible.

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Posted 21 Dec 2005 by Profile Chrulle
My current setup:
Intel Pentium M 2GHz 1024MB

Is that in a Desktop?
If so how do you like it? I have been thinking about getting a new desktop with a pentium M procesor.
38) Message boards : Cafe LHC : International Pages (Message 11631)
Posted 9 Dec 2005 by Profile Chrulle
Ni hao,

I have added your page to the links page. Although i have no idea what it says, since i do not speak chinese. :-)

39) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc farms. (Message 11630)
Posted 9 Dec 2005 by Profile Chrulle
I have 222 pentium III xeon processors around 1 GHz. :)

They are old machines in the computer center that have been retired from normal use. Before they are scrapped completely they are running LHC@home.

You can see the machines under the user Juan.lopez. He is the guy who installed the client on all the machines.

40) Message boards : Number crunching : could we get an update about the current progress? (Message 11577)
Posted 6 Dec 2005 by Profile Chrulle
I am trying to get hold of the physicist to get some news. The person running the current simulations is working from Canada, so it is hard to just pass by his office. :-)

My best guess is that there will be some more smallish runs once this bunch of jobs has finished.

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