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Posted 12 Oct 2019 by Marshall
Addendum - Unplugging both keyboard + mouse and waiting 10x past the set amount of 'in use' configured time, no effect to the status of the tasks.
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Posted 12 Oct 2019 by Marshall
I appreciate the reply.

I'd like to leverage the suspend while in use so I don't feel that it's bogged down when I begin to use it.
That, plus it should continue to compute soon after I step away for however long. About a minute or so to wait after last input to begin calculating once again.

The change of state typically happens when I enable the 'Suspend when computer is in use'. No matter what number or decimal I put in the # of mins to denote not in use and then waiting that long, the suspended tasks will not change status. Locking the computer and stepping away for the same amount of time results in the same lack-of-effect. I'm unable to find any config xml either under C:\Program Files\BOINC\ or under User\AppData.

After disabling the 'in use' config, tasks begin running. Is there a chance that whatever mechanism that identifies 'last user input' is not working properly? Perhaps some of my input devices are keeping it alive, even when I don't use them?





Daily Schedules


Event Log
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Posted 11 Oct 2019 by Marshall
I decided it'd be easier to just increase the amount of RAM to work with than to deal with worrying about what the right amount is.
I've been running ATLAS and SixTrack WUs since last night without issues (after I remembered to turn VT-X back on). Currently up to 8core/8task preference.

However, I'm still unclear to what, in my preferences, I can do to have the 'Suspend when computer is in use' to function properly.
By enabling this and stepping away for the allotted time, it will not run. ATLAS will show 'waiting for network access' and SixTrack will show 'Suspended - computer is in use'.
By disabling the setting altogether, it runs immediately.
Nowhere in network settings do I see anything related to 'in use'; everything is disabled.

It's not terrible, but not ideal when I'm waiting for the non-BOINC CPU % to meet the threshold to suspend calculations.
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Posted 5 Oct 2019 by Marshall
I ask because the behavior I'm seeing seems out of my control for what settings I notice. All I notice is a timer for how long there is a lack of input 'Suspend when computer is in use'. "'In use' means mouse/keyboard input in last {3} minutes."

By saving my setting in the middle of the task running, the task's status becomes: 'Waiting for network access'.
After updating, 'Waiting to start'.
After 3 minutes, 'Waiting for network access'.

BOINC System Tray is running.

I understand this is a different issue from the name of this thread, but I'd rather "open 'er up" when I'm not using it than sputtering all day.
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Posted 4 Oct 2019 by Marshall
As an update, I left the same settings while it continued to run through the ATLAS Sims and it ran mostly smoothly. All but two had completed where I began to see tasks show as"...unmanageable." I then installed the newer version of VBox, installed the extension pack, and updated my profile preferences to run on the recommended cores (2). Once I aborted the tasks and updated the project, it began to download what I believe to be the same tasks (not sure if that was luck) and began running shortly after. I'm now sitting at 7 hour computing time for one of the tasks being 31% of the way.

Unhappy with the speeds, I'm tempted to suspend the second job (which has not begun), increase the cores to 4 and update the project again once the first one has completed.

A question I have is to what does BOINC constitute as 'not in use'?
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Posted 3 Oct 2019 by Marshall
computezrmle, thank you for your help with this. I noticed some tasks had completed which made me think these could have been different.

BIOS did show virtualization was disabled. After enabling it and restarting, there was no effect. After increasing the allowable RAM % when in use, it began right away. Nice!
I want to believe it took mainly the vt-x setting to start, but I'm worried it could also be BOINC somehow not recognizing when my computer isn't "in use." I can play with this later.

Took me a couple read overs, but I found the computer sharing setting for if/when more troubleshooting is required.

Thanks again.
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Posted 3 Oct 2019 by Marshall
Hey, sure. I appreciate the replies. I've only been able to find the always compute setting within the activity dropdown. After enabling it, nothing happened. Below, I've shared the computation settings in both client and web profile. The tasks I have currently are ATLAS Simulations. I looked around for settings to make my other information available, but no avail.




Attempt at sharing Tasks
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Posted 2 Oct 2019 by Marshall
I'm new to BOINC and its settings, so I'm trying to figure out why I'm having such difficulty forcing some of these tasks to start when sitting in 'Ready to start'. Believing that it may wait on the computer to no longer be in use, I've left it overnight to find no progress.

I've attempted to be as minimally restrictive in the computation preferences by unchecking all of 'When to suspend', on both client and server, but still unable to force the computations. Any tips to better troubleshoot or guidelines to better understand the expectations of BOINC and any tasks sitting in 'Ready to start'?


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