1) Message boards : ATLAS application : Creation of container failed (Message 45055)
Posted 16 Jun 2021 by computerguy09
I'm having issues with the native ATLAS app with just these same behaviors.

Getting error messages that a given directory under /var/lib isn't present and can't be created.

I tried adding the Singularity group and adding both my username and boinc to the group.

This is happening on two Linux boxes of mine...
2) Message boards : Number crunching : All tasks end with error (Message 25824)
Posted 12 Sep 2013 by computerguy09
Tried making sure any of the 32-bit libraries that could help were installed on one of my Ubuntu boxes. It didn't help.

Both of the Ubuntu 12.04 boxes get the failed WU's right away. They are running BOINC 7.0.65.

These also have the most cores, so I'm just trying to run LHC on my Windows boxes for now...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Actual LHC data to crunch? (Message 20510)
Posted 24 Sep 2008 by computerguy09
1/ no money:

it could actually save money, by not letting it on the grid you save computing power.

2/ subsets wu\\\'s : why can\\\'t they be split up, 10 MB peaces.

3/ person to do so, see point 1.

\\\"To get money you have too spend money.\\\"

I got several of those WUs recently. And since the machine that I\'ve made available currently to LHC is a slower box, I wasn\'t one of the first to complete a WU. My machine checks in with LHC@HOME frequently, and so got the request from the server to cancel the processing of that WU.

So, even though some of the \"extra\" time wasn\'t used, the project was nice enough to let me know it didn\'t need it. That\'s better than letting me finish the whole WU and then not give me credit. It\'s a good balance.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't Access Work Units (Message 17566)
Posted 26 Jul 2007 by computerguy09
Are the Servers stucking again? According status page 911 wu ready to send, but at least I can't get them.

Best regards, Christoph

Don't think so. It's back to "Up, low on work"

26.07.2007 16:45:10|lhcathome|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user
26.07.2007 16:45:10|lhcathome|Requesting 73495 seconds of new work
26.07.2007 16:45:15|lhcathome|Scheduler RPC succeeded [server version 505]
26.07.2007 16:45:15|lhcathome|Deferring communication for 7 sec
26.07.2007 16:45:15|lhcathome|Reason: requested by project
26.07.2007 16:45:15|lhcathome|Deferring communication for 1 min 0 sec
26.07.2007 16:45:15|lhcathome|Reason: no work from project

Those 911 WU were probably there only for a few seconds, due to some results not getting returned due to timeout.

I got 1 or 2 WU in the last few days, only by chance.

As the sticky note at the top of the topic list in "Number Crunching" says, "This project rarely has work". It's highly dependent on the needs of the scientists working on LHC as to when work is available.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : INTEL RECALLS Pentium 4 EXPENSIVE EDITION (Message 9325)
Posted 10 Aug 2005 by computerguy09
When I see it on CNN or intel.com, then I'll believe it. Posting on the inquirer site isn't reliable enough for me...

6) Message boards : Number crunching : The Anticipation is Growing...... (Message 7907)
Posted 2 Jun 2005 by computerguy09
> P@H have reverted to the 4.28 client. They advise anyone with queued work
> using clients later then 4.28 to abort them and get new work.

Actually, P@H didn't chance which version of the BOINC client they're recommending, just the version of the P@H application (MFOLD)


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