1) Message boards : Number crunching : Did everyone get work 02 Nov UTC? (Message 15331)
Posted 3 Nov 2006 by darkclown
I got a few of them, but until they sort out XML stats, I'm not going to do much work here, even if there's unlimited work available.

In the same boat here. Got about 12 WUs, finished & returned them, and set lhcathome to No New Tasks, until stats is sorted.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Work is available (Message 15237)
Posted 30 Oct 2006 by darkclown

the DB is overloaded..... calm down your connect requests

Lots of work still availabe. Over 10K WUs at my last check.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Fairer distribuiton of work(Flame Fest 2007) (Message 15167)
Posted 24 Oct 2006 by darkclown
ok dammit, its my b-day and I WANT TO CRUNCH SUMTHIN!!!


There were some WUs released today. I got about 20 of them. They taste good.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : How often will new work appear? (Message 15140)
Posted 19 Oct 2006 by darkclown
It might be worth setting the "low work" thread to be a sticky thread here, if that feature is implemented on these forums.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Fairer distribuiton of work(Flame Fest 2007) (Message 15124)
Posted 18 Oct 2006 by darkclown
...My BOINC program trries to download repeatedly with times of 12 to 58minutes. The work units must havbe been sold out in an even shorter time...

The work went out between 0100 and 0300 on 10th, with there never being any significant number of results ready to send. As fast as the jobs were submitted to the sceduler they were handed out.

Look at Scarecrow's graphs - no results ready to send at 0205, yet if you look at the results in progress at that time they have already started to rise.

Scarecrows stats collector went in and found zero for the same reason that your requests for work did - even though work was being fed into the system, it was being handed out as fast


Yea, my system happened to check at 0300 UTC, and got 7 WUs. Another one of my systems checked around that time, and found the server empty. Seems luck of the draw, which is seemingly what they want at this point. You can't please this many people with ANY method of distribution.

My guess is that it was another batch of 5000 WU? If so, almost 2000 have been returned, so I'd say they're getting crunched pretty darn quickly.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Fairer distribuiton of work(Flame Fest 2007) (Message 15120)
Posted 18 Oct 2006 by darkclown
The same posts also take 'improve' in the sense that benefits the participant base as they see it. This doesn't necessarily tally with what the project would see as an improvement, and since I am here for the science (when I AM here) it is surely the project that should decide what constitutes an 'improvement'.

I only partly agree.

There is what is felt to be good by the users, one aspect. Only the users can say what that is.

There is what is needed by the scientists / engineers in terms of accuracy, turnround etc. That can only be specified by the scientists.

Both communities need to be able to say not only what their ideal is, but also where the "good enough" line comes.

Having heard all of that, then and only then is it appropriate for the project admins/owners to decide. That may not be the scientists, in the case of CERN the ultimate owners are the European taxpayers (not just from EU countries). In the case of US based projects it often is the scientist who owns the project, at least while the funding lasts (this is due to a fundamental difference in the way funding works acroos the pond, and further comment would be off topic here).

Ultimately it is the project owners' decision, but only after understanding the needs / wishes of both the donor and recipient communities

It is true we don't have the right to insist, but in my view if we donate work we do earn the right to be heard and have our collective views taken seriously even if the final decision goes against us.

Ultimately it is still up to the project, but that is a form of giving the project "the right to decide", but in a very different context than when that same phrase is used to try to stifle the expression of participant discontent. (I do not say you use it with that intent)


Curious to know if this current batch that went out today was under any sort of "program" for distribution. I'm just glad to have gotten some :)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc farms. (Message 15075)
Posted 12 Oct 2006 by darkclown
Oh I agree.
I am kinda just waiting.
My dual core 4400 system is going to the farm.
It is being replaced with a new intel e6700 cpu based system.
By most estimates, it should be aboot 25% stronger.
I am strongly trying to trim down the farm to what can fit in the 42u rack I have.
It is hard to adhere to my new personal "system spec"
It has forced me to sell some really really nice systems.
I like the P3 systems, solid, robust, thermal tolerant,cheap and plentiful.
My proliant 8500 will be my only exception.....for a while.

....now if I could just find some LHC wu's to crunch !!!

I've got a Proliant 8500, fully loaded, sitting in our loading dock at work, destined for salvage *cry*. They won't let me save it for "testing" purposes.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : How often will new work appear? (Message 14949)
Posted 2 Oct 2006 by darkclown
>> Well Darkclown, I have been a member of this project since early July and have yet to see a work unit from this project, that's 3 months and counting. So if you are after lots of WU's and credit ths may not be the place, just have other projects to back you up.
Let's hope this 'Garfield' series of WU's sends out more work than currently.

Just getting a feel for the "current" workload. I've got plenty of other projects with active WUs, so leaving lhcathome running doesn't hurt anything :)
9) Message boards : Number crunching : How often will new work appear? (Message 14939)
Posted 1 Oct 2006 by darkclown
I only recently attached to lhcathome, and am wondering if I should bother. I know it's going through a transition to a new app/manager, but I see a lot of people questioning the workload, and it's not clear if the project can support the number of volunteer computers attached.

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