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Posted 2 Aug 2022 by bluestang
Not sure if it applies to the same issue, but I have a Host that the LHC site says has 1 WU In Progress. However the host shows 0.

I have rebooted the Host and no change. Also Reset the project on that Host and no change as well. Still shows that 1 WU In Progress even though the Host shows nothing.

I do however show this in my BOINC Manager log:

8/2/2022 11:30:11 AM | LHC@home | Didn't resend lost task w1_hl14_collision_tune_62.340_60.290_chrom_10_oct_-300_B1_errorFRAS_xing250__52__s__62.31_60.32__16_18__5__37.5_1_sixvf_boinc5142_0 (expired)
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Posted 20 Jul 2022 by bluestang
Does the amount of sixtrack tasks still "In progress" ever have any effect on the schedule when a new batch became available ? I think there where a few large batches of sixtrack tasks lately, one after another. It just seems the last few tasks "in progress" would again take ages to finish. Currently for example about 87 tasks still in progress (out of initial +100K per batch ??) and "Users in last 24 hours : 3 ". Barely anything at all happening at this point or extremely slow progress with the remaining anyway. Just wondering ... if that anti-exponential processing speed during final lap in general had any effect on next batch becoming available ?

Yeah, something has to agree with your theory as there is still 1 task it seems holding everything up. It started with just 8 a couple days ago and now down to just that last 1 WU.

Curious to see what happens (and how quickly) after this last 1 WU is finished.
3) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : Sixtrack BOINC application on track to be ported to GPUs? (Message 46850)
Posted 6 Jun 2022 by bluestang
Either way...how about generating SixTrack work more frequently?

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