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Posted 4 Jul 2007 by [boinc.at] jbs
This seems to be a problem for a few people that the old CSS is still being cached so you're not seeing the new design a refresh should fix it

Thanks, clearing the cache fixed it :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : The new look bugs (Message 17208)
Posted 3 Jul 2007 by [boinc.at] jbs
Opening my team's page, that's what I see:

About LHC@home
Join LHC@home

* Rules and policies
* Getting started
* Create account
* Applications

Returning participants

* Your account - view stats, modify preferences
* Teams - create or join a team
* Download BOINC

Project information

* Known bugs


* Forum rules
* Message boards
* Questions and problems


* Participant profiles
* Links and resources

Project totals and leader boards

* Top participants
* Top computers
* Top teams
* Country statistics
* Other statistics

Team info
Web site http://www.boinc.at

...etc. etc...

Same with the news-page

BTW using FF on Linux :)

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