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Posted 1 Aug 2020 by davidBAM
a) This isn't the only project which has problems when the Formula Boinc Circus comes to town.
b) This isn't the only project.

Everyone tries to do their best to advance the science and even competitive crunchers like myself have their place in the grand scheme of things.

If LHC don't want to be considered for FB Sprints, then I believe a simple email to Seb would accomplish that. If they do want to be considered for Sprints, they will naturally get a load of volunteer crunchers who don't have in-depth familiarity with how best to run the project on their hardware.

I have actually run LHC before & I do have an Honours Degree in Computer Science. In spite of both of those facts, it has taken me every waking hour since the challenge started to get even half of my machines crunching this project. They are all Ubuntu 20.04 with a minimum of 1Gb RAM per thread.

I remain totally baffled as to why both Linux and Windows users both need to use Vbox.

I have the following suggestions :
1. Either LHC should opt-out of FB sprints, OR, preferably, try to ensure it has SixTrack available for the next one
2. As has been mentioned above, LHC need to provide minimum specs and up-to-date guidance on how to run each app
3. Pay partial credits for failed work if it is not the fault of the volunteer

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