1) Message boards : News : Server upgrade (Message 37672)
Posted 21 Dec 2018 by DanNeely
Is the consent switch completely gone for now, or is there a way I can indicate yes keep it on now as a precaution against your lawyers and/or your courts developing a more severe case of breaking things for the lulz in the future.
2) Questions and Answers : Wish list : A Macintosh OSX Client (Message 16218)
Posted 5 Feb 2007 by DanNeely
The issue probably isn't so much fortran being nonstandardized but different compilers doing different things while optimizing the code. Even with a compiler port it will probably only be possible to make a client for mac/x86, since the older PPC based macs use completely different architectures the compiler is almost certain not to produce code with identical results.

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