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Posted 16 Jun 2018 by Nick5kin
Hi, just to let you know that LHC@home / BOINC/ VB seems to have stopped working since upgrading to the latest BOINC with latest VM. My laptop was whirring away happily before, even coping with ATLAS with intermittent postponements. Windows 10 has also updated. Maybe some other users are having a similar problems? I've tried re-installing using the option from the BIONC page, but all tasks lock up immediately with "computation error". Unfortunately I'm very busy right now, so unable to wade through your fantastic checklist, Yeti. I'm going to have to specify "no new tasks" until less busy, unless there's a really quick fix. I appreciate that Physics is not easy!
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Posted 13 Feb 2018 by Nick5kin
Thanks again! :-)
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Posted 12 Feb 2018 by Nick5kin
Thanks, Magic!

" With your 8-core with almost 16GB ram you could run all 8 cores with the VB Theory tasks but you should not try running all 8 cores with Atlas or CMS unless you add another 8GB ram" - how do I control the number of cores I run? And what would go wrong if I tried running 8 cores with Atlas or CMS?

Really appreciate your help :-)

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Posted 10 Feb 2018 by Nick5kin
Hi guys / gals:
This looks like a newbie thread? Am really excited to be part of this, but have a lot to learn. Can someone kindly advise me, is it OK just to suspend BOINC at any time and shut the computer down? What if I'm going away for a while? Is there any way of saying "finish this task then shut down" so that the current work isn't wasted? Currently my BOINC manager says that remaining time is >10 hrs, and my poor machine has been whirring away for about 10 hours already, and I think we all need a rest!

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