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Posted 10 Jan 2007 by aroigoli

like KAMasud have said before in this thread, I think that there is another point of view to this problem. I think the problem cannot be resolved entirely limiting cache, WUs per day, Long Term Debt, etc. I think the project can do something else:

well, looking in the URL "http://bluenorthernsoftware.com/scarecrow/lhcstats/" we can see that the 80% of the WUs are crunched in 3 days and more than 90% are in 4 days. Those data are for the last batch of WUs launched at 03/01/07 between 18:00 and 24:00 and is still running. I think is a waste of time for the project to "wait" another 3 or 4 days to receive the 10% remaining results.
Surely this WUs initially has been gone to slowly or intermiten or greedy crunchers and that induce the delay in the return of results.
I don't know if there is a posibility for the project to relaunch WUs when the number of remaining results decay below a certain limit, say 20% or 10%. In this way, crunchers that are waiting for work will get WUs and they will finish the job in hours instead of days. All happy, the project finish sooner and crunchers have more work. :)

Yes, I know there are other implications on doing that (for example, it's possible that this would be considered as a punishment to the "slowly or intermiten" crunchers as it implies "categorize" of crunchers) but I think it would be a solution to projects like LHC, nanoHive, ... I think all of them have the same delay "problem" for the last 10-20% of WUs.

Of course, this would be applicable if the project would have a new batch waiting to the previos to finish. :)

Another question is if LHC is enterely affected by that. For example, by the time I'm writting this post 715 WUs remains in progress, but I believe that most of them already reached the quorum of 3. If so, why can't be launched the next batch? :)

I'm very novice in this project and perhaps I'm saying senselessness...
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Posted 3 Jan 2007 by aroigoli
Appologies accepted Sysfried,

I'm working in computer science too and I known what are you talking about.

Never mind, I understand that admins (you are an admin, isn't you?) are very occupied and the next time will find better in the forum posts.

Only one another thing, the FAQ link (http://lhcathome.cern.ch/FAQ.html) and Forum Rules link (http://lhcathome.cern.ch/forum_rules.html) are broken.

Best regards.
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Posted 3 Jan 2007 by aroigoli
Well, first of all thank sysfried for your "effusive" response.

I only hope you don't treat all the people like you are treating me. I hope too, that the other people in this forum are not like you.


1) Because I hope you don't think that people with a few credit cannot opinate. I think everyone can opinate and expose a potential problem to the project. If in this forum can only post the "gurus" and "grandmasters" I think is a bad forum.
2) Because I normally read the forums of a project before creating a thread but I don't have the suficient time to read it all. Can you asure me that you have read all the threads in the forum?
3) Yes, I have only 39 credits in this projects but my RAC is more than a thousand superior to you and I'm in boinc projects since 2001. With that I want to say you that I'm not a novice in BOINC.

In summary, I think your position is very arrogant.
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Posted 3 Jan 2007 by aroigoli
I think statistics in BoincSinergy and BoincStats doesn't reflect the correct number of credits. Something similar occurred in nanohive project time ago and was caused by a change in the project's URL. Then someone (I supose the administrators of that project) informed the new URL to the admins of BoincStats.

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