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Posted 12 Aug 2018 by Retnek
and did you ever take a ride through this checklist ?

Sorry folks, I can't follow you. The concept of BIONC is a platform for distributed computing. Usable for interested people without the need to take special care. Without the need to read several pages of quite specialized computer-stuff. Part of the design is to scale down the tasks in a way most PC are able to deal with flawlessly.

Imho the problem with LHC-tasks like ATLAS is pushing out overly demanding tasks from overambitious projects. No wonder this kind of setup is causing trouble. It makes no sense to insult people not able to compute those monster-jobs properly. It's the result of a project not respecting the limits of BOINC. Such elitism-computing-approach is bad for the overall reputation of BOINC.

If you want to participate from the large numbers of the "mass market" I suggest to civilize those tasks into a form the mass market is able to crunch. (see Cosmology dealing with VirtualBox, f.e.) Else call out an extra-project and ask for users willing to prepare the extras needed. And protect that extra-project with a password from the dumb folk.

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