21) Message boards : ATLAS application : Only 6 concurrent tasks per computer? (Message 32392)
Posted 11 Sep 2017 by csbyseti
Thanks, all hosts get normal 24 Task.

I have store at least 0.5days of work and 0.01days of additional work I assume this would not over run the 24hr turn around?

Assuming FLOPS estimates are good

What means 24h return time? Will LHC go to such short return time?

With the actual short WU-Runtime (1 - 1.5 hours) all hosts are able to return more than 24 WU's in one day.
22) Message boards : ATLAS application : No tasks are available for ATLAS Simulation (Message 32369)
Posted 9 Sep 2017 by csbyseti
ATLAS jobs recently adds the "priority" feature, and with the old configuration on the lhc@home server, only the very reliable hosts can get these priority jobs, that is why for the past a few days, some volunteer hosts could not get any task even though there are unsent (high priority) jobs. We reconfigured the server, so now volunteer host can all get tasks!

I think the problem of 'No sent Tasks' in Atlas is not solved completly at the moment.
I got max. 6 Task, this include the active one's. At the Moment i drive 4 Task with 3 Cores on the Ryzen CPU (runtime about 10.000 sec), so there are only 2 fresh WU's in queue.

This is a to low value because of the upload Limitation of my DSL-Connect.
If the Ryzen Cpu finished more than 2 WU's at the same time and other Computer's are uploading something (GPUGrid files are 100 - 150MB's upload)
Ryzen will be on idle for hour's.

Aktual all 3 Computers got max. 6 Task include active one's. No difference between slower i7-2600, mid i7-5820k and Ryzen 1700.

Hope you can figure out the Task limitation of the scheduler.

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