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Posted 29 Jan 2018 by Donot Needtono

I was wondering if there are any LHC projects that take advantage of GPU's

I have a AMD r9-390x G1 and a NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB running concurrently. setup for 0.33 each card can run 3 instantses with the most efficient work per device. with other projects I see for comparison between cpu only and cpu-gpu, CPU 60-360min GPU 6-10min for the same project file name thats running..

I do not notice you user computer config that specifies use of GPU's. do you have a specific project that could utilize gpu's I would like to run your project with this advantage due to my GPU's available. your project uses 11GB of my SSD complete que'ed and running data set so I assume this is impossible to run on GPU?


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