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Posted 24 Sep 2012 by Profile DrBob

Now the #1 USA team on BOINC, accepting membership, everyone is welcome.

Team USA has a presence on all BOINC projects.

Join Us!
Team website: http://usa.lanex.com/
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Posted 5 Jan 2009 by Profile DrBob

Together we will accomplish something amazing!

On March 24, 2005 Team SETI.USA was created to consolidate United States users and become the #1 SETI Team in the world. This goal was achieved within 24 months of inception thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our dedicated membership. SETI.USA is now BOINCing the world! The team currently supports and is active in all projects running on the BOINC platform as well as a few standalone distributed computing projects.
Join with us as we boldly go where no team has gone before!

Message Board
Team Chat!!
(Regular Monday night chat session, but always available.)
Team Store
Quarterly Intra Team Races
Project of the Month
Weekly Trivia Contest
Team Graphics
(Requests taken as well)
And much, much more....

Come Join in the fun as we strive to reach new goals. Everyone welcome.

If you are already a member of SETI.USA and have not yet visited the message forums, please come on over and introduce yourself. We would love to see you there!! If you have an interest in crunching other projects check out our project of the month or our current push for #1!!

Visit our mini city!

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