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Posted 28 Feb 2008 by Profile Laguna
Problems here too...

28.02.2008 06:24:39|lhcathome|Message from server: Project encountered internal error: shared memory

Whats the problem here?
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Posted 27 Jan 2008 by Profile Laguna
if you don't know wether a machine can create black holes or not, why even risk it? what, for the 'development of science?' to help humankind? yeah, when we're all being sucked out of our homes because a few thousand people want to do the impossible, it'll really be helping us. and that talk about the 'moon and earth' meeting similar fates? yeah, right, because you've had scientific technology for the thousands of years and have measured these rays to and from. doubtfully. you're going to get us all killed, if i could do something more about it, i would, but sadly i can just sit back and enjoy my TV Dinner on the last few weeks i have.

Thank you for creating thousands of black holes for the whole world to enjoy. bon apetit, you know what i mean? lol.

Spock, you do realize that right at this moment particles slam into our upper atmosphere with energies far beyond what the LHC will be capable to produce?
Now, where are all those trillions of micro black holes that were produced since the existence of this planet?

As you have given you this name, at least try a little logical reasoning!
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Posted 30 Apr 2005 by Profile Laguna

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