1) Questions and Answers : Windows : "Work done" and "Avg. work done" not updating (Message 47553)
Posted 22 Nov 2022 by rlz1926

The "Work done" and "Avg. work done" numbers are not updating when I check the Projects tab in BOINC Manager. This isn't a new problem - it's been the case ever since I re-added LHC@home to BOINC a few months ago.

I see from looking at the Event Log that tasks are being successfully completed and there are no error messages in the log.

I'm running BOINC Manager 7.20.2 and Virtual Box 6.1.40 on a 64-bit Windows laptop (fully patched). I'd also add that other projects I'm running under BOINC (Einstein@Home and World Community Grid) are having those numbers updated as tasks are completed. Is there some setting or preference I need to adjust to allow those numbers to update for LHC@home?



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