1) Message boards : Number crunching : web preferences - queue tasks but run only 1 (Message 45224)
Posted 18 Aug 2021 by Profile Ray Murray
I've not done Atlas jobs for a long time as my ageing hosts don't have the physical resources to run them successfully so I can't remember their runtime.
You can speed up the Boinc resource share synching with a tweak to the cc_config.xml.
The default rec_half_life_days is 10 days so Boinc uses that long to do its averaging.
If you change that to, say, 4, Boinc will synch your resources shares quicker but setting that too low will confuse it if there are long-running tasks

Toby's max_concurrent will only let it run 1 at a time but it should still queue another 1 or more when it thinks it needs to.
2) Message boards : LHCb Application : Key to how universe works may have been discovered (Message 44543)
Posted 25 Mar 2021 by Profile Ray Murray
Freely available version from Cern's own news pages https://home.cern/news/news/physics/intriguing-new-result-lhcb-experiment-cern
3) Message boards : News : Best wishes for 2021 (Message 44088)
Posted 11 Jan 2021 by Profile Ray Murray
Healthy New Year, everyone (for Thursday, if you're so inclined)

Even after all this time, I still can't resist grabbing a few Sixtracks when I spot a new batch.
(Not a full return as there's still Covid work to be done at WCG)

Biennial Scout trip to Kandersteg, postponed from 2019 to 2020, has now been pushed back to July 2022 so plenty of time to plan a drop-in en route.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : All tasks carshing with NS_ERROR_FAILURE error (Message 43989)
Posted 24 Dec 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Not sure if this is helpful as my hosts are Windows but I'll post anyway.
The website for a new bank account I set up insisted I install Trusteer Rapport security. I've been concentrating on Covid projects since the Spring so didn't notice any issues until I recently tried to run some VBox tasks here. All failed at VM startup. I had done nothing else to that host so I concluded that Rapport might be the cause, being overenthusiastic about its security role. Uninstalling it resolved the problem.
Maybe worth checking if an Antivirus or Security program is being similarly overprotective and exclude Boinc and VBox from its shields and scans if it allows that.
5) Questions and Answers : Getting started : LHC@Home on BOINC Android Could not connect (Message 43091)
Posted 22 Jul 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Hi Fckwan,
There has been a problem with expired Peer Certificates since the end of May which affected other projects as well, including Rosetta. An update to Boinc fixed the Windows version but the latest version for Android is still only available through direct download and installation from Berkeley and not yet through the Playstore so MY device won't let me do that. There is a workaround to manually install an updated certificate bundle in this thread but again my device won't let me. I'll just have to wait until there is an officially released update to Boinc for Android.
6) Message boards : Theory Application : Run Native on Windows? (Message 42917)
Posted 26 Jun 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Thanks, Maeax,
Just passing through. I'm letting my machines concentrate on Covid research for now and some of that work at Rosetta and Dreamlab for Imperial College London looks to be bearing fruit.

I was interested when I read about this WSL and wondered if it was possible without too much work. I think, whenever I return, I'll stick with VBox rather than making things more complicated for myself. One of my machines has rejected the latest Windows update twice so it's going back to pre-update working state.
7) Message boards : Theory Application : Run Native on Windows? (Message 42915)
Posted 26 Jun 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Someone, not sure if it's here or elsewhere, has a nice signature "If it ain't broke, it hasn't got enough features yet"

One of the new "Features" in recent Windows 10 builds is Windows subsystem for Linux which has a description of "Provides services and environments for running native user-mode Linux shells and tools on Windows."
Has anyone tried running Native using this? All I can find in a forum search is this post from Laurence from November. It mentions Hyper-V which we have always been told to turn off, in favour of VBox. I only have the Home version of Windows yet both Hyper-V and WSL are listed as selectable optional features. Is there any performance benefit, although if it's having to run in a Virtual environment either way, perhaps not. I can't imagine the Hyper-V overheads being any less than VBox. Or is it simpler just sticking with VBox which is known to work? I'm thinking out loud, now so I'll stop and await replies.
I can't test it straight away myself as I need to reboot the host to activate this feature but can't do that until a currently running Ibercivis Covid task completes as they don't checkpoint.
8) Questions and Answers : Getting started : BOINC Combined Credits (Message 42503)
Posted 15 May 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Hi Dean,
Probably tomorrow before those stats will show. I think they get exported, to BoincStats etc, then come back in.
The "Do you consent....." had to be added as part of GDPR.
9) Message boards : News : CERN and COVID-19 (Message 42343)
Posted 30 Apr 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Further to my post a few weeks ago, I have found I was spending more that I thought on leccy but I can justify making a contribution, however small, towards the Global search for a way to combat the communal foe. It has claimed an old uncle who we were all convinced would live long enough to get a telegram from the Queen but sadly that was not to be. I couldn't even get to the funeral due to "unnecessary travel" restrictions.

I have fired up 2 hosts again; 1 running Rosetta and 1 Folding as they seem to be approaching the problem from slightly different directions so I didn't want to favour one over the other. 3-of-4 cores on each to keep the fan slower and hence less wasteful. And I'm contributing to the CERN team stats on both just to keep my association going even while not directly contributing here.

Stay safe, stay well and I hope to be back simulating "banging those rocks together" once we know what the "new normal" is going to be.
10) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Stopping contributing until Corona passes (Message 41949)
Posted 18 Mar 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
I've been contributing in a small way almost continuously for over 15 years and in all that time have never bothered to work out how much it costs in electricity to run my 3 hosts. Small but finite.
I'm a self-employed Private Hire taxi driver and as greater restrictions on social interaction and travel are imposed to reduce the Coronavirus spread, so my income goes down. By the weekend, I expect to be effectively out of work, with no obvious timeline towards my next wage. I have therefore decided to trim as many outgoings as I can. That means reducing my electricity bill and hoping that I qualify for some Government assistance.
Stay well, stay safe.
I'll be back
11) Message boards : Theory Application : New Version v300.05 (Message 41555)
Posted 12 Feb 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
I like to give most Sherpas the benefit of the doubt, letting them run sufficiently long for the estimated time remaining (in F2 that is. You can safely ignore the Boinc estimate) to have settled down. If it is Decreasing then mostly things are going well. If it is Increasing, or has already gotten to hundreds of days, or ones with Inaccurate Rotation, then there is clearly a problem and I bin it. (I still haven't figured out how to do that gracefully so I just Abort them) Obviously such babysitting isn't practical for those with multiple machines and many cores to view every job that comes in but I only have 3 hosts with a total of 10 cores between them.
I extended the allowed time to 10 days to let this one run as it looked OK with realistic estimate and it finished in 9 days 10+1/2 hrs.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : VBox 6.1.2 announced - Ext.Pack giving troubles (solved) (Message 41269)
Posted 15 Jan 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
There are a couple of suggestions in their Forum but none worked for me, or for others it seems. Even uninstalling 6.1.0 to install 6.1.2 didn't allow the Extension Pack to upgrade.
I only have 2 Windows hosts. Both have been left at 6.1.2 with the 6.1.0 Extension Pack (not recommended but no issues so far)
It is probably better to stick with 6.1.0 with the 6.1.0 Extensions until the upgrade issue is resolved in case there are incompatibility issues when not using the VBox and Extensions of the same version number but I couldn't be bothered downgrading both machines to the previous version again.
13) Message boards : Theory Application : New Version v300.03 (Message 41262)
Posted 14 Jan 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Thanks. CP
Just thought it strange that both Windows hosts had 5 or more each, undeleted VMs. Since manually deleting all of those, I have not had any others fail to tidy up after themselves on departure so whatever it was has resolved itself.
14) Message boards : Theory Application : New Version v300.03 (Message 41259)
Posted 14 Jan 2020 by Profile Ray Murray
Has anything else been changed in how these communicate between the VM, Boinc and VBox? Starting since versions 300.03/5.19 I have had quite a few powered-off VMs left in VBox on job completion and corresponding ghost images in Virtual Media Manager, all requiring manual deletion.
Just Windows, I think.
15) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : No more workspace1_HEL_Qp_2_MO_0_1t_3s_1e7turns_BOINC tasks for my small laptop (Message 40948)
Posted 13 Dec 2019 by Profile Ray Murray
Thanks, Alessio,
I did suspect that there would be no way to alter that once they had been released into the wild.

Longest completed one so far for me was 42.7hrs with another of 33hrs. Most others have not been unusually long.
1 running at 83% 80hrs (sse2 Linux64) finished after 97hrs
1 running at 68% 69hrs (win32 on 64bit host) finished after 81hrs
1 running at 56% 75hrs (win32 on 64bit host), finished after 132hrs (5+1/2days)
I have no reason to doubt that these will also finish successfully.
I'm happy to do as many of these as arrive as my machines mostly run 24/7 (1 gets reduced to 2 cores overnight as it has a noisy fan when flat out) but I keep my buffers at 0.2 days so as not to get accidentally swamped.

Update edits in bold
16) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : No more workspace1_HEL_Qp_2_MO_0_1t_3s_1e7turns_BOINC tasks for my small laptop (Message 40916)
Posted 12 Dec 2019 by Profile Ray Murray
If the 10^7 turn jobs were still a "test application" then Sesson, or others, could uncheck that in their preferences, while still being able to run "ordinary" Sixtracks. I don't know if that is a distinction that is possible on the project side?
17) Message boards : Theory Application : New version 300.00 (Message 40780)
Posted 4 Dec 2019 by Profile Ray Murray
Have a look in "Show graphics" or "Console".
Graphics then logs. The top line will show what flavour of simulation you have and the number of events to be processed. Some will only process a couple of thousand events instead of the 100,000 that Pythias do.
Console then ALT-F2 will show current events and, every so often, an estimate of time remaining. If that estimate is a reasonable number and it is going down then the task is probably healthy. If that number is increasing or is something daft, like 2,000 days, then it is unlikely to finish successfully.

If you are in doubt, post the first line and last 10? or so.

Cross-posted so too late. I should be working so can't look at error logs just y.
18) Message boards : Sixtrack Application : SIXTRACKTEST (Message 40678)
Posted 26 Nov 2019 by Profile Ray Murray
I can't get any of the 88,000 sixtracktest jobs advertised on the Server Status page. I tried disallowing all other apps but still "No tasks available for sixtracktest"
Neither Windows nor Linux hosts getting any but 7 users shown as active returners so are these all Macs, with no other flavours available?
19) Message boards : Theory Application : Move TheoryN Back Into Theory. (Message 40535)
Posted 19 Nov 2019 by Profile Ray Murray
Minty has been getting vbox jobs all day but still only one at a time. I even tried allowing "native if available" and the Native app itself but it still refuses to download any more - "No tasks available for ..."
But allowing Sixtrack gets one task to use the idle core and 2 spares so the host is fully occupied once more although perhaps not as expected.
20) Message boards : Theory Application : Move TheoryN Back Into Theory. (Message 40526)
Posted 19 Nov 2019 by Profile Ray Murray
Maybe it's the Max # cpus =1?
but if I set that to 2, I would most likely get a 2-core job rather than 2 x 1-core jobs which is what works best on that host.

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