41) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Anyone have some good song selections to share? (Message 17298)
Posted 8 Jul 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
Hi all.

I won't post specific songs, per se but I can recommend certain groups which can stir my musician's blood.
How about:
Emerson Lake and Palmer
King Crimson
Planet X
Duke Ellington
Thelonius Monk


Not to forget Van der Graaf Generator: From H to He
especially written for particle physicists
Hope you'll like it.
Greetings from Old Germany
42) Message boards : Number crunching : The new look bugs (Message 17270)
Posted 5 Jul 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
On the web page 'Country statisitcs',
is a link 'Location of users on a world map can be seen here.' pointig to
This link doesn't work any more.
This is no urgent case but is worth to be reminded.

Ansonsten, gute Arbeit !
Grüße aus Deutschland
43) Message boards : Number crunching : A new look (Message 17218)
Posted 3 Jul 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
Well as you can no doubt see the new look is live.

Nice look, really.
When could we expect some runs to crunch anywhere ?
thanks for your sweat
Jochen from Germany
44) Message boards : LHC@home Science : LHC magnets failed during test (Message 17004)
Posted 7 Jun 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
LHC startup postponed until next spring. New Scientist article.

Hello friends,
this article http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/dn11994-worlds-biggest-particle-collider-is-delayed-again.html

contains a Netscape killer. I tried it with my Netscape 7.2 German version under Windows XP. The browser crashes several seconds after the main text area appears and during downloading data from www.newscientisttech.com. So it must crash during the download of some advertising mess.

I could save the text only if I block all images to display and I stop the downloading as soon as the text has appeared.
Since I have observed this phenomenon several times with other newsletter or electronic newspaper I wonder what to do against it. Who does publish such trappy internet pages ?

For other netscape users I will repeat the text here without insertions:

Particle physicists seeking to uncover the secrets of the universe will have a little longer to wait after the CERN laboratory in Switzerland confirmed a delay in the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the world’s most powerful particle accelerator.

The LHC is a 27-kilometre circular tunnel 100 metres below the French-Swiss border near Geneva, in which protons will collide at close to the speed of light. CERN says it will now start operations next spring, not in November as originally planned.

"The start-up at full level was always scheduled for spring 2008, but we had planned to test the machine for two weeks before Christmas, which will not now take place," said James Gillies, a spokesman for the laboratory.

The delay is due to an accumulation of minor setbacks, Gillies added. Earlier this year, a support structure for one of the accelerator’s superconducting magnets broke during tests. “We identified a design fault and this is now being repaired,” he said.

The superconducting magnets have also taken longer than expected to cool to their 1.9-Kelvin operating temperature. “We’re learning how to cool 38000 tonnes of equipment to a temperature lower than outer space. It’s a very complex machine,” says Gillies.
"Ambitious undertaking"

The LHC has been assembled over 15 years in a project involving more than 10000 physicists, and 500 research bodies and firms around the world. The machine was originally planned to start operating in 2002, but funding problems delayed the launch until 2007.

The project "could be the most ambitious scientific undertaking ever", and its results "will probably change our fundamental knowledge of the universe", its organisers say.

Scientists plan to smash together high-energy protons in two counter-rotating beams in the tunnel to look for signatures of supersymmetry, dark matter and the origins of mass.

The beams will be made up of billions of protons, which will be injected into the accelerator in bunchesand kept circulating for hours, guided by thousands of powerful superconducting magnets. Each proton will go around the 27-km ring over 11,000 times a second.

J. from Germany
45) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Computing Grid Helps Get to the Heart of Matter (Message 16925)
Posted 21 May 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
A nice and readable article about the near future of grid computing at the LHC is publisherd under:

Here the first paragraph:
'In November, when physicists at CERN in Switzerland begin their grand experiment using the world's largest particle accelerator—the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC—computer scientists there and across the globe will also put the world's largest scientific computing grid through its paces.

The success of the experiment—intended to answer such questions as what other particles exist in the universe that we don't know about—will rely in large part on a worldwide, high-speed network that will allow scientists to harness the power of 100,000 computers—mostly PCs—to process the tons of data generated by the experiment....'
46) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Future will duplicate right matter (Message 16694)
Posted 12 Apr 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
Sorry but the LHC will nothing have to do with biochemistry on the molecular level where the DNA-replication takes place.
It works deeply on the sub-sub-atomat level, accelerating protons, e.g. elementary parts of an atomic nucleus, and investigating the parts to what these protons will break down (the so-called Quarks) and their interactions to build up new and up to now unknown elementary particles.
Read more about Elementaryx particles on

Hope this helps
47) Message boards : Number crunching : "Dummy" Work units complete after less than 0,1sec ? (Message 16301)
Posted 12 Feb 2007 by Profile dr_mabuse
Hi experts,
today I got, after long time of waiting, 10 work units which were finished almost instantaneously.
They were uploaded with correct result,
They brought up no credits, of course.
I never had such short runs; are these workunits dummiees to test the distribution system ?

thanks for help
Jochen from Old Germany
48) Message boards : Number crunching : Fairer distribuiton of work(Flame Fest 2007) (Message 15122)
Posted 18 Oct 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse

Curious to know if this current batch that went out today was under any sort of "program" for distribution. I'm just glad to have gotten some :)

I did again get nothing. My BOINC program trries to download repeatedly with times of 12 to 58minutes. The work units must havbe been sold out in an even shorter time. This is very frustrating and I think that more and more CERN supporters will sign out. Is this the right way to get people engaged ? Remember that as soon as LHC works there will be an awkward crowd of computer power needed and you should not discourage anyone whom you can relay on.

WHat would you think about a change in distribution procedure as here are some promising ideas proposed ?

Greetings from Germany
49) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Fusion? (Message 14509)
Posted 9 Aug 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse
Mayhap a stupid question: Would it be at all possible to use the LHC as a fusion reactor? I

No, the particles are so hot after collision that they have no chance to stay together. And for an exothermic reaction you would have to go from Deuterium to Helium and I wonder if they could accelerate deuteriom ions.

That is really another level of energy that what is needed for reactions between nuclei that means protons, neutrons and pions.

Here it is reaction between quarks and gluons.
The intermediary state of such a collision maybe a quark-gluon plasma deacaying mostly in 2 jets of baryons and mesons. Interesting would be any 3 jet- or 4 jet- event giving hint of very, very rare and heavy particles..

It is the most exciting experiment mankind has ever collaborated for.

If you want to know more look here:



hope this helps

Jochen from Old Germany

50) Message boards : Number crunching : I think we should restrict work units (Message 14342)
Posted 18 Jul 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse
Happy to get ONE work unit in 4 weeks
This time i had the opportunity to monitor the computer over a quarter of an hour.
The distribution of work units lasted only some minutes - enough time for my DSL line to download a new software version and get one share. It will be ready for upload in about 45minutes.

Could we get an overview how these work units are distributed over the partipicants ? Are there more participants than WUs to share ?

I think we should restrict work units.
Jochen from Old Germany
51) Message boards : Number crunching : I think we should restrict work units (Message 14308)
Posted 13 Jul 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse

Option 2 :
Install a premium service for 5$ per month that reads the "WorkUnits available" Counter from the Website every hour and immediately EMail/Message/Phone all customers when the Counter is like >1000 or so *g*

What is about to start a thread, in which the first person which see new work, posts a notice if new work is available ? - If you subscribe to the thread, you will get an email, if anyone posts into this thread.

Hi folks,
one update every hour seems not fast enough. I have noticed that the work units were sold out in less than 15 minutes.

Nice to have other projects like climateprediction or World Community Grid where my contribution is needed.
Jochen from Old Germany
52) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Magnifying light speed Questions (Message 14225)
Posted 2 Jul 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse

Is that true regardless the speed and direction of the light source that illuminates you?

If you travel with the speed of light there is (from your point of view) nothing in front of you. THERE IS ALSO NO TIME going on for you. The light from the front would be extremely ultraviolet-shifted and from back no light would reach you. the whole scenario is hypothetic and Einstein stumbled about the paradoxon when he imagined sitting on a light ray.
Take a pencil, paper and some time and use the equations of ordinary relativistic dynamics.
hope this helps
Jochen from Old Germany
53) Questions and Answers : Windows : No work sent because of lacking disk space (Message 12568)
Posted 29 Jan 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse
hello friends,
it is workiong now.
I had erroneously set the Diskspace in the "Home profile" to 1GB.
thanks for your hints
54) Questions and Answers : Windows : No work sent because of lacking disk space (Message 12528)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse
After you changed the preferences did you update it in Boinc??

Yes, the same result:
28.01.2006 01:27:15|LHC@home|Message from server: (there was work but you don't have enough disk space allocated)
28.01.2006 01:27:15|LHC@home|Message from server: No disk space (YOU must free 3770.6 MB before BOINC gets space). Review preferences for maximum disk space used.
Could it be a problem with the other projects ? I will try to stop World COmmunity Grid and try again in some days.
thank for your efforts
55) Questions and Answers : Windows : No work sent because of lacking disk space (Message 12516)
Posted 27 Jan 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse
Disk and memory usage
Use no more than 14.0 GB disk space
Leave at least 0.1 GB disk space free
Use no more than 75.0% of total disk space
Write to disk at most every 300.0 seconds
Use no more than 75.0% of total virtual memory
Network usage
Connect to network about every
(determines size of work cache; maximum 10 days) 1.0 days
Confirm before connecting to Internet?
(matters only if you use a modem) no
Disconnect when done?
(matters only if you use a modem) no
Maximum download rate: 100 KB/s
Maximum upload rate: 20 KB/s
Use network only between the hours of
Enforced by versions 4.46 and greater (no restriction)
Skip image file verification?
Check this ONLY if your Internet provider modifies image files (UMTS does this, for example).
Skipping verification reduces the security of BOINC. no
LHC@home preferences
Resource share
If you participate in multiple BOINC projects, this is the proportion of your resources used by LHC@home 70
Color scheme Tahiti Sunset
Should LHC@home send you email newsletters? yes
Should LHC@home show your computers on its web site? yes
Default computer location home

Edit LHC@home preferences
Separate preferences for home
Resource share
If you participate in multiple BOINC projects, this is the proportion of your resources used by LHC@home 70
Color scheme Desert Sands
56) Questions and Answers : Windows : No work sent because of lacking disk space (Message 12510)
Posted 27 Jan 2006 by Profile dr_mabuse
hello Science friends,
I have just upgraded my BOINC version to 5.2.13. and donloaded and started World Community Grid with the AIDS research.
My other projects are climateprediction.net and Einstein@home.
Yesterday I tried to download new LHC work units from the server and got the message:
27.01.2006 11:52:20|LHC@home|Message from server: No disk space (YOU must free 3775.8 MB before BOINC gets space). Review preferences for maximum disk space used.
27.01.2006 11:52:20|LHC@home|Message from server: No disk space (YOU must free 3775.8 MB before BOINC gets space). Review preferences for maximum disk space used.
I increased my BOINC profile disk space to 14GigaByte and the LHC part usable to 70% but the message keeps repeating.
My memory use at moment is (with the ressource percentage in parentheses):

climateprediction.net 4,35GB (34,29%)
Einstein@home 25,59MB (17,14%)
LHC@home 6.36MB (20.0%)
World Community Grid 40,58MB (28,57%)

There should be more than 9Gigabytes free. On my hard disk there are in total even more than 20Gigabyte free.

So what can I do to give LHC the disk space it needs ?
thanks for help
Jochen from Germany

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