1) Message boards : Team invites : **Warning a FUN Team awaits you** (Message 11763)
Posted 30 Dec 2005 by Profile Stephen R Homer
Team Phoenix Rising was formed by a disenchanted few members from other Teams, realizing that the only way to be in a Team they were happy with was to start a new one.
The name was not chosen, it more or less just happened... the new Team was indeed a Phoenix rising from the ashes and we are proud of our Team.
We have our own forums courtesy of Mincer, where you can drop in for a beer and recant wild stories filled with wondrous exploits, or slide into the Mos Eisley Cantina to talk about total... well, whatever you want. He's put a huge amount of effort into getting the forums up & running, and he knows how greatly appreciated it is.
We are a dedicated bunch of crunchers, a lot of us having been in the project from it's early stages... so don't be shy, drop into the forums and say Hi...

Join Team Phoenix Rising !
2) Message boards : Cafe LHC : HTML or BBCode. Pick one! (Message 11738)
Posted 26 Dec 2005 by Profile Stephen R Homer
I am new here but have seen on other forums sites the ability to preview your post before posting that would help so as not to keep editing over and over to get it right also some sites give you the choice of plain style post where you must do your own BBCODE or going to an advanced page to help with the BBCODE its set up more like a word program you just type and it does all the coding for you

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