1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Unable to detach (Message 19722)
Posted 15 Jun 2008 by Ric Evans
15/06/2008 16:22:43|lhcathome|Sending scheduler request to http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome_cgi/cgi
15/06/2008 16:22:43|lhcathome|Reason: Requested by user
15/06/2008 16:22:43|lhcathome|Requesting 17280 seconds of new work
15/06/2008 16:22:48|lhcathome|Scheduler request succeeded
15/06/2008 16:22:48|lhcathome|You are using the wrong URL for this project
15/06/2008 16:22:48|lhcathome|The correct URL is http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/

I have the following message from lhcathome, yet I am unable to detach as the detach button remains inactive. Nothing I can do seems to change its state anybody have any suggestions?

Ciao Ric

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