1) Message boards : Number crunching : Oldest molding/untouched credit awards (Message 19062)
Posted 22 Feb 2008 by koldphuzhun
Ok everyone, here it is! Somebody has finally decided to make it well known to all and everyone and that someone is me. It's time to get the recognition you deserve. It's time for the
Oldest Molding Credit Awards
Here's how to play. Rummage through your moldy credits to find the oldest (permanently it seems) listed workunit and list it here. Points will be awarded by age. Bonus points will be added for items like if the machine is no longer in existence, number of entries already quorumed, number of people awaiting credit granted etc. So, dig, dig, dig and post your molds to send a message that won't be heard to the admins of this site. Let the contest begin!

winner will be sent on an all expense paid trip to Euphoria for a 5 minute stay in the IWONSOMETHINGSTUPID hotel. Chances of winning determined by number of entries received. Contestants ineligible if the first or last name is mispelled or they are related in anyway to an alien race. All results must be submitted before the admins actually take the initiative to clear the tables to be valid.) <---Have fun reading.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Moldy results (Message 18871)
Posted 23 Jan 2008 by koldphuzhun
Hey guys of LHC. I've noticed a few of the server numbers have been the same since, well, a long time. I've also noticed that the up/download servers are offline as well as the deleter. Could you guys turn the servers back on even though there is no work so these numbers can clear out and everything (results in progress, pending credits, workunits waiting for deletion etc.) can zero out. I have two results that I have credit for, but since they haven't been deleted, they exist and I can't delete the machine I need to and straighten out my account. So if you guys could turn all the server stuff on just until everything zeros out, it would be appreciated.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : New work when? (Message 11898)
Posted 13 Jan 2006 by koldphuzhun
Hey Chrulle, I want on with the Alpha test project! Looking on BoincStats I see like 60 users. What's it take to become one and why's account creation disabled? I wanna get on! Can you get me on? Please? I like alpha projects. They're fun. Especially when they have tons of work to do. You can just copy this account over or something if you need to. I don't mind.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : can't download (Message 11890)
Posted 11 Jan 2006 by koldphuzhun
Better class of participation? How about some WU's so that a class can think about participation. As it is, I feel like we're going in a circle waiting for new work to arrive. Oh wait, we are. At least we're keeping the database busy with message posts.

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