1) Message boards : Number crunching : SOME greedy users (Message 16023)
Posted 4 Jan 2007 by Profile siifred
Looking at many users beeing greedy.
No WU s left for normal users.
Cant tere be a limit on seconds collected per pc.

As of right now, there still is work available... And it has been for more than 5 hours... Where is the problem?

There is a 500 WU's per cpu & Deadline limit which won't let people download 10.000 wu's.....



Interesting thread after I said that I have 6 that I can't finish in time. But what do you mean by 500 WU per cpu, to sound stupid, lifetime?

I too only get a few WU between my 2-3 computers. Only by accident that I even get any when they open. I was a little surprise that these WU seem to take a little long this time.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Past Due Date (Message 16018)
Posted 4 Jan 2007 by Profile siifred
My question if WU are completed past the short due date, will they still count? I am not worried about credits, but if I continue with the WU when the messages said consider aborting them, will they still help the project?
Since this project only gives WU once in a while, I ensure that I grab plenty. But this group of WU seem to take longer than usual and will have about 4 go past the morning (due date/time). I don't mind continuing with them if these WU will help the project. Probably will be a day or two late. Should I abort or continue?

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