1) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc farms. (Message 12808)
Posted 21 Feb 2006 by DJRWolf
The Explorer post that I'm a Junior Advisor for just got a new facility to meet at. Unlike the last 2 places, we don't have to share the space any more. So we can leave the computers setup all week. Although we will have to get approval from the higher-up's in Abbot before we can have BOINC running all week on our box's.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : going, Going, ........ , GONE. (Message 12347)
Posted 24 Jan 2006 by DJRWolf
I was smart enough to have BOINC download a lot of WU's just before they ran out. As of right now I have 6 unstarted WU's qued up. It will let me get more credit despite the fact that no new WU's are being issued. Just have to finish them by the deadline.

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