1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : A Macintosh OSX Client (Message 19131)
Posted 29 Feb 2008 by Hatod
I would also use the Mac (with Intel proc) client if it would exist.

I didn't even know that it doesn't exist. There were not many WUs since I have access to a Mac, and today I accidentally saw the "there was work for other platforms" message.

Well, that's one thing, but somehow BOINC thinks it's just a temporary issue, and keeps requesting work each minute. And there comes the response "not sending work - last request too recent: 75 sec".

So, beside that there's no client for Mac, the BOINC core is not informed quite well to stop requesting (or at least do a request each hour only).

(BTW, there are BOINC projects that don't have a Mac client. Spinhenge is an example.)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : It's raining LHC WU's - I love it ! (Message 18728)
Posted 18 Dec 2007 by Hatod
Hi folks!

Excuse me, but I don't see any WU's :(
I have three machines all waiting for LHC work, and nothing... nothing for months.
I've joined this project for more than a year, back than it had some work.

Maybe I have to reconnect again? Am I using the correct http address?

My BOINC says this in its messages:
Dec 18 11:50:12 2007|lhcathome|URL: http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/; Computer ID: 9647248; location: work; project prefs: default

My account is alive, my client connects regularly to LHC (always out of work), I'm using BAM as account manager.

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