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Posted 25 Jul 2019 by Profile Bryan
I just found that even after BOINC has finished all WU that machine continues to go through the proxy requesting something and continues to use HDD space. I think the machine is possessed :)
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Posted 24 Jul 2019 by Profile Bryan
I have Atlas native running on multiple machines under Mint 19. WU crunch and validate so that isn't an issue. However I have 2 problems and 1 is serious.

Following the Mint 19 setup shown HERE when I get to the following line I get an error that that file/directory doesn't exist:
sudo echo "/cvmfs /etc/auto.cvmfs" > /etc/auto.master.d/cvmfs.autofs

The line following line gives the error; no such command. The restart command and probe work correctly.

All machine have failed the above. I don't know if it is actually something I need to worry about or not.

SERIOUS problem
I have 1 machine, a dual E5 V4 Xeon Server, that fills up the 1TB drive over a period of 24-36 hours. If I don't reboot the machine and let it do garbage collection then BOINC will stop pulling work because it doesn't have enough disk space. This machine is the same as my other machines, has the exact same Linux Mint 19 installation, and has been setup exactly the same. Only 1 of my 7 machines is having this problem. I have installed Mint 19 3 different times on the machine and the problem shows up every time.

Watching the Squid I see that machine frequently hitting the proxy (and getting misses) even when there are no new WU starting up or ending. New WU will get MEM HITS so whatever it is doing is out for the ordinary. The biggest problem is the amount of data usage since I have a 1TB data cap and above that I pay a premium for any additional. I've now filled the 1TB HDD 3 times so that is a lot of BW being wasted.

It appears that the continually requesting of stuff doesn't begin until the machine has been running for hours and then I start seeing the abnormal behavior on the squid.

I'm at a loss on this one so any suggestions would be very welcome :)

df for the HDD

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev 68G 0 68G 0% /dev
tmpfs 14G 2.8M 14G 1% /run
/dev/sda1 984G 803G 131G 86% /
tmpfs 68G 2.3M 68G 1% /dev/shm
tmpfs 5.3M 8.2k 5.3M 1% /run/lock
tmpfs 68G 0 68G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs 14G 21k 14G 1% /run/user/1000
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/sft.cern.ch
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/atlas-condb.cern.ch
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/grid.cern.ch
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/cernvm-prod.cern.ch
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/alice.cern.ch
cvmfs2 4.3G 2.9G 1.5G 66% /cvmfs/atlas-nightlies.cern.ch
3) Message boards : News : BOINC Pentathlon - Sixtrack sprint (Message 38885)
Posted 17 May 2019 by Profile Bryan
I would like to thank the admins of LHC who helped us this year with the Pentathlon. When problems arose you responded quickly and did a great job fixing problems.

It is a shame that some of the normal users were "inconvenienced" when the compute capability of the volunteer force was suddenly doubled. But of lesser importance, I guess, at least the project received double the normal amount of contribution from volunteers.

Once again, thank you for hosting us!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Sixtrack (notag/sse2/pni/sse3) (Message 27810)
Posted 10 Sep 2016 by Profile Bryan
SSE2 was introduced by Intel in 2001 and AMD followed suit in 2003. If people are running processors made prior to those dates then SSE2 isn't available.

The WU w/o extensions take MUCH longer to complete and therefore waste precious computer time.

Could you please quit sending them
Put a check field in preferences that says:

I'm still running an abacus and the extensions are too hard on my fingers :)

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