21) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Hei~!Look at the following massage,the disaster seems have an order (Message 19680)
Posted 26 May 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
I think that the disasters of China'earth quake,Burma's typhoon and Chile's breaking out volcano on may is caused by the LHC.
If you look at the characteristic of the disaster positions,they r all in a circle on the earth,and the postion on one top of ball(earth) is the CERN's LHC in Switzerland. Is it a coincidence? No.~~!!!
If the CERN don't stop, more disaster will happen as the Predict~!!

All your base are belong to us

22) Message boards : Cafe LHC : Greetings! I'm new to LHC (Message 19679)
Posted 26 May 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
Hello from the UK!
23) Message boards : Number crunching : "Stuck" WU? (Message 19629)
Posted 16 May 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
Disclaimer: <i>This is rather OT for this thread, but WTH ...</i>

What I'm trying to say, is if the darn project is within a time cycle of finishing, let it finish, then switch to the next job in the line ...

This is something that I'd really like to see implemented - It's amazing how many times I find a WU with a few seconds left to run switched out and left to wait for several hours before being able to return a result.

But, some projects lie about their completion time, and often run on beyond 100%. Maybe some unscrupulous project could run it's WUs up to 99.9% initially and then hold the host for ransom until completed.

Also, frankly, most/all of the 'wrappered' projects don't work well with BOINC. Checkpointing seems to be a joke in some cases. But that's another rant for another forum :)

24) Message boards : Number crunching : Is This Spam? (Message 19334)
Posted 10 Apr 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
To Admin Staff, Please check out user "cars" (easy to find in Profiles).
He/she/it has created 15 profiles, so I assume 15 accounts as well and the included links are all about buying and selling cars. Nothing to do with this project.
No credit (not a real problem as often no work) but also no computers are recorded either.
Every one is a different country but all have the same links and information (or lack thereof) in them.

I have seen recently posts in the Boinc Mailing list about a Spam hit on Boinc projects, so this maybe the same thing.

If this is SPAM, then please remove.

Sadly there are still 24 instances of 'cars' after the cleanup. No profiles though.


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Posted 26 Mar 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl


26) Message boards : LHC@home Science : compound pendulum (Message 19294)
Posted 22 Mar 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
I have to calculate gravity using a compound pendulum

Im stuck please help

Have you looked at Kater's Pendulum?

That should be a big enough hint to get you started ;)

It's not a trivial problem BTW :(


p.s. Not sure that this is the right place to ask :)
27) Message boards : Number crunching : Short-running WU ( 13 to 30 seconds) Is this OK??? (Message 19283)
Posted 20 Mar 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
Just looked strange. Thought I would ask..

As per Michaels link earlier, the short WUs are 'Wall-Crashers' ;)

WUs currently come in three flavours - Long (1million turns), Short (100k turns) and Wall-Crashers (Kaboom!).

It's frustrating to get a batch of WUs and all of them to turn out to be WCs, but it's all part of the science :)

28) Message boards : LHC@home Science : why are you going to slaughter us all, scientists? (Message 19248)
Posted 16 Mar 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl

It is all logical though.

You are correct.

The 'universe' is full of light.

The word 'universe' comes from the Atlantan words 'euni' meaning LIGHT and 'versae' meaning SONG. Quite how the good people of Atlantis could ever have seen the universe as Osram (The Creator Of The Light) intended is shrouded in mystery.

Our current epoch is polluted with dark pollution. Everywhere you go in the universe, careless, maverick, civilisations allow dark to flood into the all-glowing void.

We here on Earth as as guilty as the Sylvanians. We turn on our dark bulbs and flood our homes with darkness while we sleep.


Halogen - Lord of Light.

29) Message boards : Number crunching : How long is a piece of string? (Message 19151)
Posted 3 Mar 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
I mean a work unit! Just to make sure that I'm not being excluded from the full crossection of workunits available by setting my buffer to 2 days. Is this too short for some?

There seem to be two types of WU - 100,000 and 1 million 'turns'. For me on a 2.4 P4 the short WUs take one hour, long ones 10 hours.

Bear in mind that some short WUs end very quickly (seconds) if the modelled beam crashes in the wall.

2 day buffer should be fine. You may be limited by quota before you fill it though.

30) Message boards : LHC@home Science : Amendment of 'Resource share' (Message 19144)
Posted 2 Mar 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
er, if I have more than one project, how can I change the 'Resource share' shown under the 'Project' tab of BOINC Manager



Go to the project's home page -> Your Account -> View or Edit 'whatever'@home Preferences -> Edit 'whatever'@home preferences -> Update preferences -> Use the update button in BOINC mgr for that project.

Sounds complicated, but really easy once you've done it once :)

Or if you use Boincstats, just go via BAM.

31) Message boards : LHC@home Science : CERN brochure (Message 18887)
Posted 26 Jan 2008 by Profile ChertseyAl
Here is the link :
CERN brochure

Very interesting. Should have a link to this on the front page of the website!


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