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Posted 27 Jun 2019 by AlphaC
Going completely offtopic, but please tell me how it is a myth. If someone wants to find the host they can match credits if you use one host, however it is extra steps.

I've run this app on at least 5 different machines so that doesn't apply to me as much.

Putting a host up with your exact kernel / glibc / OS version is less obscure especially if you're not running in a VM. Even if you are running in a VM , Intel hardware hasn't been fully patched yet.
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Posted 27 Jun 2019 by AlphaC
Sorry about that I PMed you the Workunits in question.

I keep PCs hidden for security reasons , I figure that admins can use the backend.
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Posted 26 Jun 2019 by AlphaC
Is there still a recurring problem?

Just aborted 5 tasks with estimate 155 days compute time.

All other tasks have ETA 2 hours and 30 minutes roughly.

At first I thought my memory settings might have become unstable due to BCLK modification but I checked with google stressapp for 3 hours to confirm stability and Prime95 didn't have any errors either.
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Posted 1 Jun 2018 by AlphaC
I am just curious why the install script still uses yum exclusively instead of dnf?

dnf has been made the default installer since Fedora 22. I suppose since the installer was oriented to CentOS 7?
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Posted 10 Jul 2017 by AlphaC
I ran a few WUs and they ran fine on Ubuntu-based Linux Mint. However, it was in Virtualbox guest OS and not bare metal.

I did notice some WUs had 5 people crunching them...

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