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Posted 18 Apr 2009 by Profile voidxor
Hello LHC-Team.

In other projects, it is possible to delete old hosts which no longer exists. If the host (e.g. since one month) delivered no WU, there is at the host-page the link --delete this host--.

At LHC, there is no link. There is a link --Merge this computer--, but this do not help me. What must I do to delete old hosts?

Thanks for your help, Grubix.

This is a persistent problem at LHC@home. As you can tell by scanning the thread list in this forum, you aren\'t the first person to complain about it.

The truth is that you can delete old hosts on LHC@home, but only when the number of tasks shown on the host\'s webpage is zero. At that point, the \"Delete this computer\" link will appear on the host\'s webpage.

All BOINC projects keep track of individual tasks when they are in progress, when credit is pending, and then for a few days after credit has been received. At that point the task stops showing up on the website. LHC@home, however, takes a very long time to remove these tasks from the website, and sometimes never removes them.

I personally have 28 old hosts that I can\'t delete. We\'ve all complained about it, but the only reply I\'ve ever seen from the admins explained how \"fixing this isn\'t worth our time\".
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Posted 11 Apr 2009 by Profile voidxor
If you are in contact with the others who are having problems are you able to ask them for a copy of the messages they are seeing in BOINC Manager and post them here?

The problem has nothing to do with BOINC at all. And I\'m not in contact with anybody. Clearly you haven\'t read this thread.
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Posted 5 Apr 2009 by Profile voidxor
Can you post the messages you get in the messages tab of BOINC Manager regarding this problem.

Looking at your computer pages shows that all the hosts listed (nice list btw) have contacted the schedular recently. The fact that there is no work available means that you got no work.

But if we could see what errors you are seeing it might help us diagnose the problem.

If you\'d read my original post, you\'d find that I\'ve already diagnosed the problem. I found a workaround by changing my IP address. Since it is no longer an issue, I don\'t have any messages in BOINC Manager to give you. The problem was not only preventing my hosts from contacting the server, but was also preventing me from going to this website. If I was still having the problem, I would not even be able to post this message from this computer.

I started this thread to bring attention to the issue, in case other people are having the same problem. Indeed they are, as ziegenmelker, Donald A. Tevault, and Gary Charpentier have all pointed out.

Unfortunately, the thread has been hijacked by people talking about the lack of work (of which we are all aware). This misses my point entirely.
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Posted 2 Apr 2009 by Profile voidxor
Posters are getting sidetracked here. This thread is not about the lack of work, but rather the inability to contact the server all together from certain IP addresses. I feel like every time I have serious trouble with this project, nobody cares.

Honestly, I\'m a little frustrated that no moderators or admins have acknowledged my (our) problem. Combined with other problems (like 4-year-old tasks preventing me from deleting dozens of old hosts), I am tempted to leave this project.
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Posted 21 Mar 2009 by Profile voidxor
this goofy site does seem to like my old machines more than my dual processor machine because I see them getting work and this one didnt get anything again.

MAGIC, since you appear to have posted to this thread from your dual processor machine, your IP address isn\\\'t being blocked. When I had an IP address that was blocked by the server, I could not even go to the http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/ homepage.
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Posted 8 Mar 2009 by Profile voidxor
For the last month, I\'ve been unable to connect to this project, reach this website, or even ping lhcathome.cern.ch ( After realizing that I could ping it from work or school, but not home, I spent the last few days troubleshooting.

I determined that the problem was not on my end. Then I thought to try changing my router\'s external IP address since my AT&T DSL uses PPPoE to assign dynamic IP addresses. That fixed it.

Does lhcathome.cern.ch blacklist any IP addresses in the range? If so, could somebody please remove those blacklist entries seeing as it\'s a dynamic pool of IP addresses? It\'s not cool that innocent people like me get banned due to other people\'s server abuse.
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Posted 22 Dec 2008 by Profile voidxor
Neasan, any news yet?

I too have been waiting to delete dozens of ancient hosts for three years now. I sense an apathy on the part of the administrators in regard to this issue. But seriously, how hard is it to run an SQL command?!
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Posted 3 Dec 2006 by Profile voidxor
I have been going to every BOINC project in which I participate and deleting some old hosts that I dismantled months ago for parts. However, I cannot delete them at LHC@home because they still have results from early 2006 listed (see http://boinc-wiki.ath.cx/index.php?title=Computer_Summary_Page#.22Delete_This_Host.22_Link).

Why are result records keep for so long at LHC@home? Is there anyway around this?

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