21) Message boards : Number crunching : New version of Boinc (Message 8043)
Posted 10 Jun 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
> > > New version 4.45 now shown as recommended version
> > >
> > recommended by whom? Seti guys? LHC staff? Anyone out there?
> >
> LHC and CPDN still have 4.19 on their download page. All the other projects
> link to the Boinc download page which lists 4.45 as the current recommended
> release.

I think that the devs here at LHC should put a notice like this:

"Recommended version for running the project solo. For running multiple projects download from BOINC DOWNLOAD PAGE."
22) Message boards : Number crunching : The 'Zero CPU' problem ... !!! (Message 6412)
Posted 5 Mar 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
Regarding WU, If I remember correctly, here at LHC the WU generation works like this:

CERN Scientists give WU to LHC team; LHC team gives them to Us; LHC team receives results and gives them to CERN Scientist. Then they Analyse/Process them and only after this new WU are generated.

So while the results are being analysed/processed to later generate more WU, the project has no work.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Advise: Look at your CPU temperature! (Message 6005)
Posted 23 Feb 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
Last summer I always knew when BOINC was crunching LHC. The processor fan always got to maximum speed :-P
Meanwhile I got a new copper cooler and hope in the summer the fans don't go to maximum speed :-)
24) Message boards : Number crunching : Markku...It's still not working. (Message 5963)
Posted 23 Feb 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
Your BOINC was still trying to download the Sixtrack 4.63 (the one that won't work with BOINC 4.2x). The Sixtrack 4.64 will probably only come with the WU they said they were releasing today.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : Daily Quota? (Message 5955)
Posted 23 Feb 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
> > One more reason for low quotas: from our point of view it's better if
> many
> > users get a few workunits instead of some getting many, because then we
> get
> > the results back faster on average.
> >
> > Markku Degerholm
> > LHC@home admin
> Markku-
> Your comment brings up an idea I had a few months ago while LHC was down. LHC
> interested me for various reasons last year and it was (until 2 weeks ago) the
> only project I had signed up for via BOINC. My main pc can crunch LHC
> 100Kcycle WUs in about 37 minutes or nearly 39WUs/day. In regeard to fastest
> turnaround time possible, would it benefit LHC@Home if the scheduler had a way
> to predict turnaround time per host should "important" or "time-sensitive"
> information need be processed immediately?
> Travis

The latest server code already predicts turnaround time (see in your hosts the "Average turnaround time"). The people developing BOINC is discussing what to do with it. At Einstein@home they were thinking of doing something with it (because they only have a 7 day deadline), but David Anderson (BOINC "Big Boss") convinced them not to do anything for now.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc CC version 4.23 (Message 5936)
Posted 22 Feb 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
Rom Walton has been bug fixing BOINC since version 4.20 for public release (they hoppe in March). In principle there won't be new features, it's mainly bug hunt. BOINC 4.2x works different from BOINC 4.1x, and the installer is new, so going from 4.1x to 4.2x, it's necessary to uninstall 4.1x first.
27) Message boards : Number crunching : All the binaries must be signed in order to work with 4.22. (Message 5798)
Posted 22 Feb 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
> I am using boinc version 4.66 and have had no problems with sinitures, so
> maybe its corrected in the latter builds of BOINC?
> ~Keith
BOINC 4.22 is more recent than BOINC 4.66. And in BOINC 4.22 they changed it's behaviour to the title of this thread. So LHC will have to change it's application to work with BOINC 4.2x, before it's officially lauched. The only project that has done it to my knowledge was Seti@home (and maybe Einstein@home).
28) Message boards : Number crunching : jiiippeee the first WU from LHC! (Message 5698)
Posted 21 Feb 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
After noticing those errors with the signing key, and detaching/ trying to reatach several times, I finally got several WU :-))))
29) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc 4.19 Released (Message 5624)
Posted 26 Jan 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
BOINC 4.19 is now the Official Release.

Quote from BOINC_projects Mailing list:

This is a bug fix release of the 4.13 source base and contains the following
bug fixes:

1. File upload handling, this affects all projects.
2. File download handling, this affects all projects.
3. CPU and Model Identification code update on Windows, this affects any
projects using homogeneous redundancy, namely Predictor at Home
4. Execute benchmarks before actually attempting to start any applications,
this affects all projects.
5. Increase the buffer for command lines, this affects Einstein at Home.
6. Escape http and socks proxy user information for those who have special
characters in either their username or password, this affects all projects.
7. Fix the special cases where the client was ignoring the server's request
to delay the next RPC to a specific date and time, this affects all

Rom Walton

Professor Desty Nova
Researching Karma the Hard Way
30) Message boards : Number crunching : When to re-attach? (To dev team) (Message 5617)
Posted 24 Jan 2005 by Professor Desty Nova
A new BOINC Manager (4.17) is coming soon (edit: 4.18). I hope we don't have many problems.

From the BOINC_dev Mailing List:

We have released what we believe is going to be a build good enough for public release.

Let us know if there is anything wrong, if not, we'll be releasing soon.

Rom Walton

Professor Desty Nova
Researching Karma the Hard Way
31) Message boards : Number crunching : different credits for same unit - an unusual aspect of it (Message 5525)
Posted 28 Dec 2004 by Professor Desty Nova
> The linux BOINC client is horribly misoptimized*.
Actually it's the windows client benchmark code that is overoptomized. This is being fixed in the coming BOINC 4.5x.
32) Message boards : Number crunching : Each WU Sent 4 Times? (Message 4121)
Posted 22 Oct 2004 by Professor Desty Nova
> Exactly.
> We now require 3 similiar results in order to work unit to validate. And to
> get 3 results finished, we sent 4 results right away.
> Markku Degerholm
> LHC@home Admin

Just curious. Are the credits awarded like in SETI@HOME. The middle value of 3 WU?
33) Message boards : Number crunching : with pendings and results turned back on (Message 3561)
Posted 11 Oct 2004 by Professor Desty Nova
I don't know if it's the same error, but I have at leats two pending results that were sent to 14 and 12 diferent hosts :-P


34) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Avatars! (Message 3452)
Posted 10 Oct 2004 by Professor Desty Nova
At SETI They Just added new functions to the Foruns. Hope they are ported here soon ;-)

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