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Posted 7 Jan 2012 by tng*
This is ridiculous. These absurd credits need to be removed, and steps taken to prevent this in the future and deal with this user.
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Posted 18 Apr 2008 by tng*
I would be willing to bet that if they did a port of their analysis program to BOINC we could do as well as the super computers they have lined up to do their data .

Not a chance, a single dataset which a machine needs would be at least 1 gigabyte of data and your machine would have to download that before it could do anything else. We are TRYING to find something from the analysis of real data that will port but the big four have told us that the code is too, lets say, verbose.

Well, there are quite a few of us with both the bandwidth and larger than average computers ...

I second that. The size of the downloads shouldn't cause me a bandwith problem, most of my systems have plenty of disk space (and 500 GB disks are the only $100 or so these days). Admittedly, I have several systems running XP Pro, which therefore have memory limitations. The only reason most of them are running a Windows OS at all is that proteins@home doesn't have a Linux app. Give me a steady supply of LHC work, and I'll buy memory, install Linux, and abandon proteins@home.

Maybe you should create a second project for the analysis work (with strong warnings about the kind of machines required to run it). I'd be attracted to such a project, and maybe other people with serious hardware would.

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